What is Gaming for Good? | How Gamers are Helping Kids

What is Gaming for Good? | How Gamers are Helping Kids

How To Access the $60 Billion Available Among Danish Foundations

Denmark has the second largest number of grants in Europe. Collectively, Danish foundations have about $60 billion in funds. In 2012, only three countries worldwide were more generous than Denmark relative to GNI, according to a special Wall Street 247 report. In this article, you will learn the best strategies for raising money from Danish foundations. Unless you are Danish, Denmark is a foreign country. Applying for grants from funds requires a significant understanding of the application processes, and resources beyond normal fundraising skills. The reason is that the Danish language remains a barrier, for instance, most foundations have a difficult grant application process even for Danish people. This article aims to bring fundraisers closer to the wealthy foundations in Denmark in order to enhance international development.

Tips For Creating Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns

There are a lot of things to make sure that you will have a successful crowdfunding campaign. There are experts you can get help from nowadays.

Fundraising For a Start-Up

Money is the main thing to start any business. So here you have the ideas for fundraising a start-ups.

Volunteer Projects That Raise Money

If your ministry has many members, volunteers or congregants, volunteer projects that raise money are a good idea. Typically, the entire infrastructure for the project is in place and your group need only provide the manpower to generate cash.

Set It, Forget It and Get Fully Funded and Include $1 Tiers

Learn how to know if you’ll get fully funded before you ever launch. Plus you’ll discover the need for just charging a dollar.

14 Awesome Summer Fair Fund Raising Ideas

14 fun and exciting ideas for fund raising at school summer fairs. Perfect for PTA’s looking to increase their profit.

The 7 MUST Do’s When Pitching Your Company for Funding

First of all, put yourself in my shoes. I assess hundreds of deal opportunities every year. These deals come literally from all over the globe. Typically these are already the best of the best my investment partners could find in their circles or region. In other words, you must assume you’re competing with top-notch ventures, run by pros. Each investor has limited financial resources (i.e. nobody can or will fund every single deal). With that in mind, you MUST bring your A-game, not just a “revolutionary” idea.

Is Your Young Company Struggling to Find Investors? Is Money the ONLY Thing Between You and Success?

As a professional in the market of Direct Investments (Venture Capital and start ups), I assess and review between 300 and 400 young companies every year. Over the years my office has created a substantial network of co-investors, funds, investment bankers and other professionals and we all share deals and opportunities. It is always attractive to share quality deal flow as it can prevent us from having to sift through a pile of mediocre or less than average companies to work with.

The One Thing You Need to Know About Raising Funds

The ONE thing you need to know when raising funds, what nobody tells you is that: Funding is not a mechanical process, it is a human process. Funding decisions are as emotional as they are rational.

How to Take Funding From Your Friends or Relatives?

A business plan helps your lender clearly understand your ambitions and whether your business is going to be a successful one or not. With banks and other lending institutions, you have to submit a business plan beforehand.