unique fundraising ideas – school fundraising ideas – fundraising ideas for schools

unique fundraising ideas - school fundraising ideas - fundraising ideas for schools

Fundraiser Ideas: Tying Up With Local Merchants

There are many ways to improve the output of your fundraiser ideas in terms of financial aspect. One of the best ways to do this is to tie up with local merchants in your community. These merchants can provide you with lots of financial resources that you can use for your fundraiser and at the same time making your fundraising event more popular in your community.

5 Reasons to Give for Charity

There are hundreds of reasons why someone would want to donate to a charity. Some are personal, and some are simply business related. Here are five reasons to donate to a charity.

Five Elements of Year-End Giving

Year-end giving is a key element in achieving fundraising goals. This article outlines the five elements of year-end giving and how to be successful when the economy is still recovering.

Common Sense Tips on Board Leadership in Uncertain Times

There is much written about the responsibilities inherent in board leadership. The Association of Governing Boards of Colleges and Universities as well as BoardSource provide the best information and guidance on these issues. Through hands-on experience over the past 30 years, there are a number of ‘common sense’ principles that I have seen effective boards utilize to deal with the day-to-day reality of board leadership in difficult times. We’ve developed the tips in this article which are reflections of that experience.

Charity Fundraising Ideas – How to Make a Difference

Charities are an integral support structure within our communities and are essential for providing aid for the destitute and needy where the state provides insufficient support. In this article I will attempt to explore fundraising options for charity organisations, and how to make a difference.

Cultivation Through Discovery Calls

Building relationships with donors and potential donors is a key element to successful fundraising. This relationship can be initiated with a simple phone call to a constituent. Picking up the phone and engaging in a conversation with a constituent requires strategy, planning, practice and courage. Here we outline the importance and objectives of the discovery call.

Avoid These Common Grant Writing Mistakes

This is an article that serves as a step-by-step guide through the grant development process, and reveals commonly known mistakes made in grant applications received by funding agencies. Avoid these key mistakes as you develop your winning grant proposal.

Elementary School Fundraising Ideas: Selling Chocolates And Other Sweets

One of the best elementary school fundraising ideas that you can use in your fundraiser is selling chocolates and other sweets. These sweet products are very easy to sell especially if you are still new in fundraising. Not only are they very saleable to children and adults alike, they are also very profitable if properly utilized.

How to Raise Money for Charity

In order to fundraise effectively we need to get our message across clearly. By addressing the charity or cause that you are supporting and provide an entertaining and fulfilling activity for fundraisers to partake in.

Toasting Business Success When Looking for New Investors

Just tell someone you are looking for investors and the advice will flow. Advice is so easy to give, even when it’s not backed up by experience in finding business funding. However, when it’s time to make a presentation to potential investors, some of the best advice you can find may not be where you expect to find it.