Unique Fundraising Idea For Schools

Unique Fundraising Idea For Schools

3-R’s of Major Gift Fundraising

Even in the best of times, fundraising can be challenging. Just ask any of the over one million not-for-profit organizations, associations, and foundations that depend on contributions to survive. For many years Jerry Panas, fundraising consulting guru extraordinaire, has preached the benefits of designing, deploying, and sustaining a plan that targets those who are potential major gift contributors.

The Use of Wristbands to Raise Money for a Cause

Fundraisers will be well aware of how difficult it is to raise money given the current economic climate. The use of wristbands is an excellent way to raise money whilst giving the donor something desirable.

How to Write Goals, Objectives and Outcomes That Grant Funders Will Love!

Writing winning goals and objectives and their intended outcomes can be a bit of a challenge even for seasoned grant writers. Here are a few guidelines, with “real world” examples, that will guide you in your quest to get those grant dollars!

3 (More!) Secrets of Using LinkedIn to Attract Grant Clients

Using social media to promote your grant consulting business shouldn’t be confusing. Here are 3 tips to get you on your way with LinkedIn!

How To Turn Fundraising Into Easy Fundraising

There are many ways to raise money for a good cause, and these simple suggestions can help make fund raising easy. It’s important to set reachable goals, and stick to them. This is a task that maybe somewhat overwhelming, so don’t try and take it on by yourself.

Different Strategies In Improving Your Fundraising Idea

Aside from having a good team to back you up with your fundraising efforts, you also need to ensure that your fundraising idea is effective in generating funds for your campaign. There are a few things that you should consider in order to ensure that your fundraiser will become successful in the future. In this article, I am going to discuss simple effective strategies in boosting the proceeds of your fundraising campaign.

Creating An Effective Sales Pitch For Your Fundraiser Ideas

Creating a fundraiser event with the use of your own fundraiser ideas is one of the most fulfilling experiences that you gain as an organizer. There are many ideas out there that you can try; but making sure that it works is very important since this is the main goal of your event. One of the most popular ways to do a fundraiser is to sell products to your customers in order to gain funds.

Fundraiser Idea: Starting Your Own Fundraising Campaign

Organizing a fundraising activity with the use of your very own fundraiser idea is a very fun experience. You can get to try everything that you have learned as a fundraising organizer to the test especially in ensuring that your concepts work to your advantage. You can also meet a lot of competent people who are also passionate in your fundraising efforts.

For Nonprofit Career Satisfaction, Share Your Turkey

Does your nonprofit career have you down? Keep reading to learn 5 steps for greater career satisfaction.

The Best Ways to Finance Your Small Business

The past few years have been difficult for small businesses, to be sure. With the economic downturn, sales have been slower and growth has been halted in many industries. Further, the credit crisis of 2007-2008 has made financing a business even harder. Fortunately, the years ahead look promising for small business financing. Below are the leading ways to secure financing for a small business: