Ten Fundraising ideas for your school PTA and PTO

Ten Fundraising ideas for your school PTA and PTO

Avoid the Cycle of Mediocre Fundraising!

If your fundraising is flat (or worse, declining) there are reasons why. You may feel as though you’re trying everything you can think of and nothing is really working. You want to bring in big bucks, but the truth is your fundraising results are mediocre at best. You’re at a loss as to what to do next. Would you like to know how to find the problem and fix it? Read on to find out.

4 Benefits of a Kickstarter Campaign

So you own a business… or maybe you are just starting out. Whatever phase of business you are at, most of us have in common one thing- we must have financing.

Lending And Merchant Cash Advance

Small business loans and mortgage loans are inexorably linked together since many small businesses use home equity to finance their companies. Obviously, forcing the Fed to loosen standards would force us to revert back into the ballooning crisis we just got out of.

What Was Trending in Fundraising This September 2012?

Don’t fall behind, I’ve monitored fundraising/philanthropy blogs and articles this past month. Here is what was trending in fundraising this September 2012.

How to Choose Appropriate Fundraising Software?

Choosing appropriate fundraising software is full of issues. Collecting the funds and re-tooling the business packages is complicated and time-consuming, at times. We often resist changes and become accustomed to them slowly, if at all. A software provider will not always tell you about the challenges while implementing it. A new software system is not always designed for addressing issues related to people, culture of a company, business practices, politics, but people always blame the system ignoring the issues. There are number of problems that might come your way while raising funds for your events, and choosing the appropriate fundraising software becomes a requisite.

Top 4 Tips for Starting Up an Online Fundraising Campaign?

Conducting a fundraising event or program may look like a great race that must be accomplished, successfully. You might have your targeted goals as well as a valid and noble cause for raising funds, but may not be well aware of the strategies required for reaching out to the world and convince others for giving donations. Online fundraising can be the best option as it is an easy and instant process where donors can make donations in a comfortable manner. It offers you a large platform where you can reach out to millions of people within a short period of time. Here are a few tips that might help you in getting more funds for your event cause.

Effective Donor Management Solutions for Non-Profit Fundraisers

Maintaining a sustainable donor base is essential towards making a fundraising event successful. For non-profits organizing regular fundraisers is even more important as their growth as an organization depends of the same; funds raised through these events are allocated towards working for social causes. Availing comprehensive online event management solutions that come embedded with fundraising tools provides exceptional donor management facilities that make nurturing customer relationships a rather easy task. Whether it is for maintaining year-round communications through emails and newsletters, or for making year-end appeals to new and existing donors, a donor management system can prove to be extremely helpful in streamlining backend operations thereby reducing overall cost for the non-profits.

The “Dos” and “Don’ts” of Direct Mail

Even in the Digital Age, direct mail should be a vital part of your organization’s fundraising program. Successful direct mail is compelling, tells a story, makes the donor feel special, and makes it easy and urgent for them to give. This article gives tips on how to make your direct mail really stand out.

Fundraising Efforts Add Value to Church Event Management

There is no greater cause in the world than the cause of humanity. To be able to do that or simply pray for that, renders ample peace of mind and brings happiness that we keep looking for, in our everyday busy lives. Attending a church or an event organized by the same gives you that opportunity. However, it may not always happen so that a fundraiser is being organized alongside a church event, though inclusion of one definitely adds a different dimension to it. So, it is very important to include a social cause driven fundraiser while organizing a church event.

Fundraise and Market Your Event or Cause Using Wrist Bands

If you’re considering holding an event and need to raise funds or market your event you may want to consider using wrist bands. In the past few years promotional wristbands have become an increasingly popular way to achieve a whole host of marketing and fundraising objectives for your event. There are a huge variety of wrist bands available that can be used for hundreds of different purposes and campaigns. Wristbands are worn by people of all ages for all manner of reasons and have become a perfectly acceptable way for people to show their support and allegiance with whatever the wristbands represent.