Shoe Drive Fundraising Is The Solution For Your Organization

Shoe Drive Fundraising Is The Solution For Your Organization

Silent Auction Entertainment That Startles Your Guests

Living statues are a relatively easy choice when it comes to silent auction entertainment ideas. Here’s why I like them, and three pointers to follow.

Benefit Auction Decoration Ideas: Elegant (Yes, Elegant!) Balloons

So you think balloons are best reserved for a child’s birthday party? Think again. Big, over-sized balloons amp up elegance.

Where Smart Fundraising Auction Chairs Spend Their Budget

When analyzed, the budget for a fundraising gala looks similar for many groups. Here is where nonprofits are spending their money, and a suggestion on where they should re-allocate it.

Silent Auction Items From Home Parties: Tapping Into a Work-At-Home Biz

Work-at-home businesses like Stella & Dot and Thirty One Gifts can support your gala. Here’s how to use parties to get cash or silent auction items.

What to Never Say on Stage at a Benefit Auction

Recent news stories might want to sneak into the program of your benefit auction gala. Sadly, those stories can suck the life from your ballroom and hurt your donations. If you insist on mentioning tragedies, timing is key.

Picture Perfect Fundraisers for Non Profit Organizations

Picture perfect fundraisers a centered around pictures. They are photo competitions where guests pay for votes to determine the winners. The pictures are donated by supporters for the competition. Another way to raise money is to have a photo booth where individuals or families can have their picture take. Photo booths take more time and equipment, however, they are a great way for guest to remember how much fun they had at your event and make plans to support your next event. Picture fundraisers are usually be added to other events to increase the amount of funds raised at each event.

5 Ways of Raising Capital for Your New Business

Creativity reigns when raising capital for your new business. There are many ways to raise capital for your new business. The key is to be resourceful and focused on the right things in the process. Every region in the US has a Small Business Administration as well as an economic development agency. The job of these groups is to provide information and resources to new business owners as to capital availability. They have many relationships and can introduce you to people with capital formation expertise.

4 Effective Ways You Can Raise Capital for Your Start-Up Business

Every a start-up requires huge capital for its germination and development especially when it is not able to get bank loans. This article suggests 4 most reliable sources of capital that allow you to meet your business needs.

Startups and Funding

Will crowd-sourced funding be the next Angel? How will the securities commission handle them? I agree that we need laws, and that those laws should protect individuals from fraudulent ventures. I also agree that we need to have a governing body to oversee these laws and ensure that they are obeyed. But! How can we find a happy medium between the laws set out to protect citizens from fraudulent activities and the economic growth of our country provided courtesy of startups and small businesses?

Calendar Printing – Planning It Out

A calendar printing project takes planning. How early in the year do you need to start? What are the steps in the process? To help answer these questions, this article looks at different types of calendar printing projects and explains how to get from idea to printed calendar.