School Principal Shares One of the Very Best Fundraising Ideas

School Principal Shares One of the Very Best Fundraising Ideas

Ten Simple Tips to Renew Donors By December 31st

Let’s get those LYBUNTS to punt before the New Year! Each year nonprofit organizations lose up to 30% of their donors, let’s increase your odds.

What to Do Once Your Business Plan Is Complete

Once your business plan has been thoroughly developed, it is time to shop your company idea around to potential lenders and investors. Many business owners begin their quest for funding with banks, investors, and venture capitalists, while most utilize the immediate benefit of family and friends. No matter how entrepreneurs intend to finance their companies, the difficult aspect of starting a business begins after the business plan is complete.

Using Marketing Techniques to Increase Your Non Profit Fundraising Efforts

Learn how to increase your non profit fundraising efforts by properly marketing your fundraiser. You put in the same amount of work and effort and get better returns.

Events and Community Fundraising From IFC 2011

I’ve often discounted events as an effective way to raise money. But I’m generally open to having my mind changed. Kerry Packman and Ruth Ruderham (at IFC 2011) have convinced me that there are ways to use events to both raise awareness about a cause and raise a significant amount of money.

What To Do To Make Money: Create and Sell These!

If you are a bit confused on what to do to make money, especially online, then this article is specifically for you. Too many people nag themselves with this question, and get bombarded with useless information that only give them more questions instead of answers. Here is a real answer.

What’s in Store for Finding New Donors in 2012?

When I graduated from high school, 2012 seemed like it was such a long way off. I had some ideas of what my life would be like – living in New York stage managing the latest and greatest shows.

Cookie Dough Fundraising: One Of The Best Fundraisers Today

There are many reasons on why an organization is doing a fundraising project such as cookie dough fundraising. Nevertheless, the main purpose of organizing such events is to gain financial resources to be used for various reasons. There are also other benefits aside from getting money in fundraising but the main point is still obtaining funds for future use.

3 Tips for Overcoming Grant Writer’s Block

It really does happen to all of us at one time or another. As grant writers, writing is what we do best. But sometimes we just can’t seem to get the mojo to make the words appear on those very blank sheets of a grant application. To combat these demons, here are 3 tried and true tips to make it over the hurdle on your way to victory.

Raising Funding For Business: 5 Strategic Tips During Difficult Economic Times

Raising funding for business in the current financial meltdown may seem like a pipe dream. Don’t give up! Here are 5 strategic ideas on how to raise funding for business in difficult times.

An Alternative to Bake Sales and Carwashes for Fundraising – Wristbands!

Wristbands have many uses for fundraising. Learn how you can use you wristbands in your campaign or fundraising efforts.