School Fundraising Ideas with WiperTags and Decals

School Fundraising Ideas with WiperTags and Decals

Five Thoughts for Impactful Fundraising (And a Short Ethics Lesson)

It caught me completely by surprise. We hadn’t talked about it directly during the interview process, but we’d been talking about my coming on board with the organization for over a year at that point. It seemed like a great fit. It was a mission that I truly cared about. But…

Who Should You Be Talking to When Raising Money?

How effective would you be in the game of darts if you were blindfolded? Not very I would guess! It’s the same in fundraising – if you don’t know who your primary target audience is, you might as well be blindfolded.

Building a ‘Level Four’ Vision

At times, my life contradicts what I teach. I tell organizations that I work with that people need a vision – a Big Idea that their organization is attempting to reach. When I was in high school, I never thought much of college. However, while working as a stage manager at an Arts School I was exposed to philanthropy and fundraising. Here is my story.

Four Tips for Cultivating Your Garden (And Your Donors)

If you’ve been reading my materials for a while, you probably know that I have a little urban garden. Here are some tips, from gardening, that can help you as you grow funding for your organization.

Christian Fundraising – Strategies for a Successful Fundraiser This Year

Are you looking for the best Christian fundraising programs? There are literally thousands of different ideas for fundraisers that churches and Christian schools try every year. Some of these fundraising strategies generate thousands of dollars in revenue, while other programs don’t work very well.

Giving Back for Small Businesses

As of late, there have been many articles circulating about self storage businesses and self investing companies that have donated to a variety of charities. Whether they have donated money, time, or goods, it seems more and more self storage companies have jumped on the giving bandwagon and started giving back to their local communities. Business owners see a need for help to be given to others, and they have been working together to help fill those voids.

Fundraising Ideas: Organizer’s Responsibilities

Fundraising in school is one of the most effective ways for a school to gain funds for their pending projects and activities. There are many fundraising ideas out there that you can utilize in order to reach your goals and objectives in no time. Always make sure to spend time and effort in organizing your events properly since this will help you reach success with your fundraising endeavors.

Benefits Of Organizing A School Holiday Store

Organizing school holiday store for your students is one of the most effective ways in teaching children and students the value of hard work, team work and money. They will learn many things such as knowing how to handle themselves in work, handling money and talking to other people. This would also help them apply what they learned inside their class in real life situations.

Fund Raising Ideas For Your New Outdoor Classroom

The next few months give schools a great opportunity to raise money towards that much needed outdoor classroom. All the energy of the new parents in the school and the enthusiasm of new school year giving you plenty of chances to recruit “new blood” into the PTA and get lots of new ideas. Many PTAs find greatest support when everyone knows what the money raised is to be used for and can see progress towards that goal.

Encouraging Predictions Regarding Giving

A few weeks ago, the results of the Cygnus Donor Survey were released. There were a few points that I found interesting.