School Fundraisers – Ideas Where Kids Can Sell

School Fundraisers - Ideas Where Kids Can Sell

Women in Philanthropy: Five Stories

Hear about five women from around the world as it relates to their journeys with philanthropy. While the women come from all over the world, some of their motivations were very similar. These stories were shared at the 2011 International Fundraising Congress.

Managing A Successful Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Doing a fundraising event for your school activities, charities and other social gathering is one of the best ways to obtain funds; particularly when people in your own community are good supporters in these kinds of activities. Planning and preparation is one of the most challenging parts in organizing a fundraiser. For novice and inexperienced fundraising organizer, I would suggest a simple but profitable fundraiser such as a cookie dough fundraiser.

Selling Sweet Treats For Your Elementary School Fundraising Project

There are many ways in which you can do your very own elementary school fundraising project. One of the best methods in doing this is through selling sweet treats such as candies and chocolates. This kind of fundraising campaign is very easy and simple to organize and at the same time, very profitable as well.

How to Get Donors Through Fundraising Website

With the advancement of internet technology, the concept of fundraising has been changed. The popularity of tweets, Facebook ads, and other internet-based marketing tools has made online fundraising extremely popular these days. Currently internet is accessed by a large number of people. Hence, promoting your cause online helps you attract donors easily. A fundraising website can be an excellent media for connecting with the audience. This article describes how a fundraising website helps you in getting a potential base of donors and subscribers.

Preparing Your Elementary School Fundraiser

Once you have already come up with a good fundraising idea for your elementary school fundraiser, it does not necessarily mean that it will become a huge hit. There are many factors that determine the success of your project in totality. I am going to discuss in this article some of the most important factors that would help you reach fundraising success in no time.

Cookie Dough Fundraising: How To Choose A Fundraising Company

When doing a sales fundraiser such as a cookie dough fundraising project, you need to help and assistance of a successful and reputable fundraising company. Your fundraising company will help you properly organize your fundraising events as well as provide your fundraising paraphernalia that will be essential in your fundraiser. Obtaining the help of a fundraising company will also lessen the chance of any problems that might occur in your events and would make your fundraising efforts easier and more profitable.

The Key to Getting Financing – An Award Winning Business Plan

Every successful business plan should include a number of elements required by investors to evaluate the potential of an entreprise. Remember to keep it down to 20 pages if you want anyone to read it. The executive summary is perhaps the most important document. What “need” in the market place are you fulfilling (value proposition) and why is your business protected from others are the two first questions that need answering.

How Will You Promote Your Non-Profit Fundraiser?

Non-profits organize fundraisers to collect money for their year-round social programs and activities. They host parties to hold charitable dinners and outdoor functions. However, as the main reason behind hosting such events is to raise money, the non-profits should know the ways of effectively promoting their fundraising programs.

School Holiday Shop: Building Your Core Team

In order for you to successfully organize an effective and profitable school holiday shop project, you need to build first your core team that would assist you in managing your members. Your core team would be composed of competent and capable individuals that can provide you with much-needed help and assistance in terms of handling important tasks and responsibilities. It is your job as a fundraising organizer to choose the best people for your fundraiser that would lead your members since the success of your events lies on how well your team performs.

Advertising Your Fundraising Ideas

One of the most common mistakes fundraising organizers commit in their events is that they rely too much on the capabilities of their fundraising ideas that they often neglect advertising it to customers. Even though you consider your fundraiser ideas great and unique, you also need to promote it to your customers since they will be the ones who will be participating in your events. They should know what you are offering them and why you need to help in order for you to easily encourage them to join your fundraiser.