School Fundraiser Idea

School Fundraiser Idea

School Holiday Shop: Project Management

When organizing a school holiday shop for your students, you need to make sure that you know how to handle the financial aspects of your project. Since your students are not well-experienced in the art of selling, you as the project organizer should prepare them for it. A school holiday store should always have capable individuals and sellers in order for your project to become profitable and productive.

Sharing Your Story – And More! (Or What Is a Case Statement?)

Harold J Seymour, noted fund-raising pioneer, said: “The case statement is the definitive piece of the whole campaign.” While that’s one use of the case statement, this article talks about other benefits of a case statement.

Fundraiser Ideas: Recruiting Volunteers

No matter what kind of fundraiser ideas you wish to organize, you cannot become successful without the help of your volunteers and members. Choosing the right people to fill your ranks is one of the most essential skills that you need to learn as an organizer. Remember, not everyone is capable of volunteering; you need passionate and dedicated people to help with your goals and objectives.

How to Prospect VIP Donors

If its not already, the goal of any organization should be to have a large group of benefactors that can donate $1,000,000 collectively among 10-50 benefactors. You might have heard on CNN and other news networks that one business owner donated $1,000,000 through a super PAC to Mitt Romney for his Presidential Campaign. If you remember, they were never able to uncover the actual donor because the donation was carefully planned so that the donor would not be exposed. These are the friends you want and NEED to have, if you ever wish to make accomplishing your organizations mission a higher priority than fundraising to cover costs & stay afloat.

Women and Minorities As Angels and Angel Investment Recipients

Article provides statistics on women and minority angel investors from 2004-2010. It also provides stats on women and minority entrepreneurs pursuit and receipt of angel investments.

Venture Capitalists Have Expectations – Be Aware of Them for Increased Chance of Success

If you are new to entrepreneurship there’s a good chance you will be surprised to learn that venture capitalists have expectations that you must meet and not the other way around. You are caught up in your vision for a new service or product or business expansion and think everyone should be as excited as you about the plans. The lenders, on the other hand, are interested in the return on investment.

Angel Investors Taking Control

There are a number of types of funding sources available for entrepreneurs interested in business start up or expansion. As you consider the various types of investors that include angel investors, equity partners and venture capitalists, it’s important to also consider the business control issue. Angel investors, in particular, present a myriad of control possibilities because the ball is in their court when it comes to determining the amount of involvement.

Planning Your School’s Fundraisers Properly

Planning is a very important job of every schools fundraisers organizer. You will never reach the true potential of your fundraising ideas if you have not planned it thoroughly. Planning also gives you a chance to sort out everything without the risk of failing.

How To Train Your Fundraising Volunteers

In every fundraising event, the need to have your volunteers is very important since these people will provide you with the much-needed manpower for your fundraiser. Even though your team already has an extensive experience in handling fundraisers, you should always consider training them from time to time since not all fundraising project is the same. You can always improve what they know about fundraising and would therefore make them more competent in handling the tasks and responsibilities given to them.

Advantages Of Having Your Own Fundraising Location

Fundraising location is considered one of the most important aspects that you as the fundraising organizer should look before starting your events. Since fundraising is more like business, it is clear that you need to secure first the location of your event before you can start selling your products or offer services to your customers. You have to understand that even though fundraising is just a temporary event, location is still important since this will help you in reaching your target goals.