#SaturdaySuccessStory | George Phenix PTSA

#SaturdaySuccessStory | George Phenix PTSA

The Number One Fundraising Mistake Non-Profits Make

Resources and time are limited. Here’s how to make your next newsletter, direct mail piece, or other communication stand out–and get noticed!

How to Keep Track of Your Fundraiser

When it comes time for your company to start a fundraiser you will need to establish some goals. Once the goals are established you will need to keep track of how well you are keeping pace with meeting those goals. Sound overwhelming? This may help!

Why Companies Support Charity Events

Companies are asked for financial support all the time. Many of those companies are very generous in their support, and others are not so supportive. I thought it would be worth giving a perspective on why my company supports our community, using an upcoming event as one example.

Setting Goals and Achieving Goals

The best ways to set goals are to first conceive of the goal by visualizing it and writing it down. Work with your friends, family, work associates, or members of your congregation to help you determine if your goal is first feasible. They can help you determine what steps and processes are necessary to help achieve your goal.

Finance Your Vending Machine Business

Interested in starting a vending machine business but don’t have funds to do it? No problem! Learn about how to finance your vending machine business with these tips.

The Top Three Mistakes Non-Profits Make In Their Newsletters

You’re sending a newsletter out anyway–might as well make it count! Shorten it, sharpen your focus, make it readable–and watch the donations roll in.

Using Tangle-Free Zipper Earbuds to Raise Funds for School Clubs

A large percentage of students use earbuds on a daily basis to listen to music. Zipper earbuds are a great alternative to standard earphones because the unique design eliminates the problem of tangled cords.

Organizing a Race to Meet Your Fundraising Goals

Each year, it seems as though there are more races that crop up, giving runners the opportunity to participate in a spot which they enjoy, continue training, and even raise funds or awareness for a cause which is important to them. For those looking for a way to fundraise, races are a great option. They are fairly straight forward in their planning and many communities have resources personnel who are able to guide a first-time planner through the necessary steps of running a race.

Crowdfunding Your Contacts: Why Your Network Is Crucial to Your Fundraising Success

Rewards and equity crowdfunding differ, but one aspect is the same for both: the huge importance of the project owner’s existing network. For any ‘crowd’ fundraising campaign – rewards and equity alike – to succeed, the head of the project must motivate his or her network and drive support and investments from friends, family, and colleagues.

How to Double Your Revenue and Halve Your Workload

It doesn’t happen often, but here is one easy way to increase the amount you raise, and yet spend less time and money doing so. Simply, you need to implement a program of sustained giving. Start with the low-hanging fruit-your trustees, committee members, volunteers, staff.