PTO Ideas For Elementary Schools – Get Parents Excited About Fundraising

PTO Ideas For Elementary Schools - Get Parents Excited About Fundraising

Fundraising Idea: Hitting The Target

To succeed will always be the main target of businessmen and they will always make sure that his fundraising idea is a sure hit. No businessmen will aim for mediocrity or even-out turnouts but high and increasing numbers. But along with these, a leader’s character will always have something to say about it.

Not-For-Profit Organizations Need Marketing and Promotion

Just because an organization is not in the business of making a profit, it does not mean that revenue generation is not important. For this very reason, organizations that at one point were called non-profit are now referred to as genuine not-for-profit organizations. These groups need to focus considerable amounts of their time and efforts on finding endowments, grants, contributions, compensation for products and services and much more.

Fundraising Ideas: Curiosity and Risk

There are certain things that may be a chance of threat for fundraising ideas but still, it becomes important to know how strongly founded the organization is and also to know how able and capable the organization is when it comes to facing problems and struggles. Leaders sometimes become too overprotective of his fundraising ideas because of the fact that it fears its corresponding consequences. Conservative leaders are good examples of this kind.

3 Creative Fundraising Ideas

Let’s do fundraising that really works! Get creative and think about these 3 elements that will make your next event, sale or campaign a sure success.

Grant and Award Bids Can Raise Funds for Research, Business Growth and Development

Businesses, SMEs and non-profit organisations can raise funds to support their growth and development by applying for grants and awards. Grants come from many source including European Commission and UK central and local government. There are thousands of grants, loans and venture capital funding programmes available for specific purposes and projects. This article shows you there is help available and that you can outsource much of the sheer slog of finding and making good grant bid applications.

Disaster Relief: Don’t Let Your Good Intentions Turn Sour

With the recent tornado ripping through Southern Indiana, many companies have reached out to donate money to assist in the tornado-relief efforts. It’s been a week since the deadly tornadoes tore through the Midwest leaving communities with broken homes and broken hearts. Towns just 20 miles up the road from our office in Louisville, KY were destroyed.

Let’s Get It Started: Help With Fundraising Product Selection

Choosing a fundraiser and getting started can be quite a process. But it doesn’t have to be. There are things to know that will take “fundraising” off your dread list. One such “life-saving” tip: closely consider your product selection. You can only go as far as what you’re trying to sell, so don’t limit yourself by the products you’re peddling.

Good Items For a Silent Auction

Wondering what types of auction items will sell well in a silent auction? Target these categories of items to ensure your silent will be a success.

Should You Print Auction Item Values in Your Catalog?

Charity auction committees often debate the pros and cons of printing auction item values in the catalog. Here’s the answer!

Fundraising For the Team – A Good Lesson For Your Child

The number one reason most fundraisers fail today in our schools is simple. The kids simply don’t participate and they are missing out on a fundamental life lesson, which is the importance, satisfaction and power of teamwork.