Peer to Peer Fundraising: 4 Easy Tips

Peer to Peer Fundraising: 4 Easy Tips

5 Tips to Get More People on Your Fundraising Event

The above are some of the things that any reputed and professional event planning agency follows, in most cases. So if you keep these in mind, then there is no doubt that your fundraising event will be a grand success and will be well-appreciated by all. This way you will be able to achieve the motive of your event and raise the maximum fund possible.

Sports Fundraising Ideas That Could Help You Raise More Funds

Sports’ fundraising is becoming so difficult these days with higher registration fee and budget handles, be it basketball, football, soccer, or cheer leading organizations, the cost of playing a sport is getting higher and higher. And the most difficult task is choosing the best fundraising ideas for your team.

What Are The Ways To Improving Fundraising? An Insight

In the many things about donor management the one that counts to be the most important of all is improving fundraising and getting into the skills of it all for the best results. Here in this article are the ways you need to follow and imbibe to improve the fundraising program for your nonprofit or church.

The Art of Grants – 7 Ninja Strategies for Killer Grant Applications

How do you go about putting together your grant applications? Do you scan the guidelines, think it’s a good idea, start putting pen to paper and part way through realise it’s not for you? Or worse still, you don’t qualify? Do you leave it until the last minute and freak out, sweat pouring as you try to get it finished before the deadline, hoping there aren’t technology problems when it comes to uploading at the 11th hour and 59th minute? Sound remotely familiar? What if we could help you change your mindset? Adopt a fun way to be strategic and only write the applications you know you stand a chance of getting?

Crowdfunding: One Is You, Two Is Company, and Three – Well, Three(+) Is a Crowd

When it comes to sourcing cash to support your idea, product, or dream, you undoubtedly want a crowd – three(+) is a crowd. You want a large crowd of individuals who want to see your idea come to life. In this, while a single, powerful person with deep pockets can be quite influential (note: there are not many of these wandering around), 100-1,000 regular Joes and Janes with a little bit of disposable income in their mattress and a connection to your idea (note: there are literally millions of these folks) could be just as valuable to helping source cash for your venture.

How The Charities Can Identify Their Donors – The Guide

The functioning of non profits and charities depends solely upon the donations that are made by the donors and the money that is earned through various fundraising events. The relationship that churches and non profits build with their donors counts to be an important one because that helps in the functioning of the organization in the longer run. In this article are the three important points that the churches and non profits need to consider in order for the charities to know their donors.

Friends & Family As Sources of Business Funding

Finding the funding needed to start a business is difficult, and friends and family are often the first groups of people to come to mind. But what should you consider before entering into an agreement with either group? Continue reading to find out!

Tips for Strategic Fundraising Planners

Fundraising may sound like a simple event with small activities aimed at attracting people to chip in for something you believe in. In reality, fundraising can be anything but simple. Any professional fundraiser would tell you how detailed and intricate the whole process is.

How Lack of Fundraising Strategy Harms Your Personal Finances

I held a candid conversation with a soon-to-retire sports personality (name withheld for ethical reasons but let’s call her Jane) about her future after years of active professional sporting. She was concerned about how to sustain her charitable activities without blowing her savings. Influential individuals, including celebrities and athletes, are very active in charitable activities.

Using Facebook To Amplify Your Year-End Fundraising

In the past decade we have seen a gradual increase in online giving and in past few years moreover in giving on social media. Social media like Facebook have increased the public reach ten folds. This kind of public platform provides perfect opportunities for non-profits to carry out their year-end fundraising campaign.