Nonprofit Social Media Marketing 2019

Nonprofit Social Media Marketing 2019

5 Elements of a Winning Sponsorship Presentation

You’re ready! You’ve got an idea you’re excited about and can’t wait to start implementing it. You mapped out your schedule and put together all the necessary information for the plan to go with your idea. You’d love to give it just one last once over, though – maybe a “presentation checklist” if you will. This week I’ve put together for you a list of things that could help you feel even more confident (and in turn, more excited!) going into your sponsorship presentation. That’s where I come in: to share the 5 elements that you’ll need to give a winning sponsorship presentation!

Words Matter – Leading With What Is Important

Lead with the important information. Be clear about what you want to accomplish and make sure you are saying what needs to be said.

Simple Steps To Organize A Successful Charity Fundraising Event

Charity fundraising events can be very challenging and overwhelming to put together even for those with experience in planning the same. The professional party planning may not always be an option in such events usually because of budget limits. But the good news here is that by following a few simple steps you can actually manage to organize an event that turns out great in the end. The steps below will not only increase your success rates, but will also give you a smoother experience planning the event.

Grant Funding Vs Earned Income

The most common cause for new business failure is lack of sufficient financial resources. One of the most important items for anyone contemplating starting a new business is the amount of start-up cash available. When the initial funding is short grants may or may not be available to help.

Getting Beyond the Wastepaper Bin!

Before you make a fundraising bid be clear about what you want; make it evidence based and demonstrate outcomes to be achieved by the funding. To make an effective appeal to industry or commerce you must have a basic understanding of why corporates give. This enables you to put forward good reasons why they should support your work. Some companies receive up to 100 applications each week. You need to make a good case for yours to be successful. A company will not be particularly impressed with a general plea to ‘put something back into the community’. They want something more substantial. You should be able to demonstrate a clear link with the company, be it geographical, product, employee contact, or some other connection.

Donations Can Get the Job Done

It is difficult for start-ups to find the right sourcing. Learn how to ensure that your business is getting the funds it needs.

How to Ensure That Your Fundraiser Is a Success

Learn the importance of fundraising as an investment and how a fundraising consultant can help turn your investment into a much-needed return for your organization. Fundraising event planning, proposal writing, grant management, and strategic planning are all important components of a successful fundraising campaign.

Funders Want Outcomes, Not Output

As an Evaluator of grant recipients, I have seen many times when non-profits and government agencies do not get or lose funding because they focus on outputs instead of producing outcomes. This article includes some tips to help focus on outcomes and improve your chances of getting funding.

Is Crowdfunding Right for Your Business Idea?

There are many ways to try to get funding for your business. You can use credit cards, get a traditional loan, take out equity from your house, or use crowdfunding.

Raising Funds Internationally With a Crowdfunding Platform? Engage Your Network

Engaging your social network is key when expecting a crowdfunding campaign to extend internationally. Here we explore why this is important and give you a few tips to expand your campaign.