Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas: Stop Serving Dessert and make more $$$

Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas: Stop Serving Dessert and make more $$$

How To Properly Prepare Your Elementary School Fundraising Ideas

Planning and preparation for your elementary school fundraising ideas is very important in any fundraising event. This will provide you with a good time to decide and determine what kind of fundraising ideas you are going to incorporate in your events, recruit your volunteer team and plan on how you are going to advertise your fundraiser to the community. Like they always say, once you fail to plan, you plan to fail; so make sure you plan your fundraiser thoroughly since you cannot afford to fail on your efforts.

Grant Writing: The Bad Boy of Fund Raising

Grant writing, from the outside, appears to be the “bad boy” of fund raising. You know, like that guy from high school we were supposed to stay from? Grant writing is mysterious yet attractive. You want to know more, you know it could be a wonderful experience yet you’re still hesitant. Well, thankfully you have me to help you get rid of your fears.

The Number 1 Thing Keeping You From What You Want

What do you want out of your grant consulting business? Discover the one thing that could be keeping you from your deep-down desire.

Email and Fundraising – Does It Make a Difference?

Have you been tempted to abandon your email strategy? Or avoid starting one in the first place? Convio released results from a study earlier this year that suggested that might be a bad idea.

Ugly Tomatoes and the Raising of Money

This year I grew these amazing Cherokee Purple Heirloom tomatoes. When I picked the first one I washed it off and started slicing it. The first thing I noticed when I picked it was how ugly it was. But what in the world does this have to do with nonprofits? Or with fundraising?

Making Your Business Funds Last

At least in the beginning, some businesses made a mistake or two especially when it comes to finance. When you look at how they distribute the money for different sectors, it can be a disaster. Once you overspend the money that you cannot afford to lose, you need to recoup it. When someone within the company do not look out for everybody, the company will suffer. Look at the mistakes that some of these businesses did to themselves if only they took the time to learn on how to do it right.

5 Factors That Influence Choosing a Charity To Donate To

Everyone has their own personal reasons for choosing a charity to donate to. These reasons play a key role in deciding what amount and type of donation that each individual will offer to their favorite charities. An individual may be more inclined to donate time rather than money to certain charities. Either way, it makes no difference to the charities because volunteering is an important contribution. In fact, you cannot run an event without a considerable amount of volunteers and sometimes they are hard to find.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go Writing Grants

Being a grant writer can mean more both personally and professionally than just writing grants. What can this skill do you for you?

Fundraising Events for Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations, including churches, schools, foundations, and more, sponsor hundreds of fundraising events each year. Designing and implementing a successful event can be overwhelming without the assistance of an experienced event planner.

Smart Moves for Grant Consulting Success

Want to become a successful grant writing consultant? I share 3 tips to help get you started.