Need a PTA fundraiser?

Need a PTA fundraiser?

5 Key Relationships in Grants Management

1) Self 2) Client 3) Donor 4) Peers 5) World – Simple enough, right? Who doesn’t have a good relationship with themselves after all? You may be surprised!

The New Breed Of Fundraising

When someone asks you to think of unique fundraising ideas, what comes to mind? Most of us call to mind bake sales, car washes, candy and magazine sales that we were made to take part in during our school years. To be sure, those fundraises did bring in a marginal amount of money, but the honest truth is that they were far more work for the students than the faculty cared to admit.

3 Tips for Effective Special Event Planning

It wouldn’t be summer gala season without a new string of articles by nonprofit bloggers and journalists questioning the efficacy of special events. Among them, the Nonprofit Quarterly’s, Special Events: Are they an addiction?, highlights some common gala dangers and pitfalls: your audience’s ambivalence to your cause post-event, questionable return on investment, and misuse of your Board and staff’s time and energy.

Ten Steps to Creating Your Fund Development Plan

A development plan sets goals that promote growth and create ownership among the entire fundraising team. They enable the team to track progress, identify problems as they arise, and avoid crisis fundraising. This article teaches you and your organization how to create a successful fundraising plan in 10 steps.

Crowdfunding VS Internet Business Income For Fundraising

Fundraising secrets, crowdfunding or internet business income. Both can create a positive impact on your organization. Only one will bring long term revenue.

Why You Need an Office Furniture Liquidation Service

Every day, new businesses are born; new office spaces are occupied, and lots of office furniture pieces are purchased from different stores. If you are one of those who recently had started a business and was wondering about the importance of an office furniture liquidation service, brace yourself because you are about to discover how the kind of service can help you in different business situations.

How to Involve Your Whole Staff in Fundraising

Fundraising is all about relationships. By involving your whole staff in fundraising, you multiply the number of donors with whom you can build authentic, lasting, and fruitful relationships.

Fun School Fundraiser Ideas That Promote Child Safety

There are a variety of school fundraiser ideas that have been practiced by most schools. But the most common and popular form is the door-to-door selling of different food products such as cookies or candy by students.

Creative Methods for School Fundraisers

There are several effective ways of how schools can use fundraisers to raise money. These methods include selling bags, festivals including games and arts and crafts, as well as the classic bake sale. Simply, any item or service that can be sold, which includes an incentive for the students of the school, can become a successful fundraiser.

What to Do About Zero-Balance Participants

A majority of the lower-performing event participants consists of zero-balance performers. Most organizations vastly overestimate the number of fundraisers they have – and vastly underestimate their number of zeros. So knowing where you’re at is the first step.