Mr. Wonderful Endorses Funds2Orgs

Mr. Wonderful Endorses Funds2Orgs

Charity a Noble Occupation

Life is a beautiful gift for all human beings. True purpose of life can be achieved through helping the fellow human beings, especially the deprived ones. It is the collective responsibility of the society to take care of deprived ones by sharing their joys, time and wealth with them. Little charity can change the lives of many orphans around the world and help them become a useful member of the society.

Getting The New Year Off On The Right Foot

As one year closes and another one begins, people involved in charity fundraising find that they need to get their thinking caps on. Fundraising can get pretty tough when everyone has just spent a fair chunk of change on the holidays, so you need to step up your efforts.

How To Arrange a Fundraising Event?

Holding a fundraising event takes a lot of planning and preparation. It is important for people to think of a type of event that will draw in a lot of people.

Five Tips For Hosting Successful Fundraising Events

Planning and holding a fundraiser may involve additional costs for charitable institutions, but hosting these events is actually necessary to increase awareness about particular issues in society and also to gather support to address these. Fundraising events can take many forms: they can be deluxe parties for VIP members of society, auctions involving high-priced items, city-wide marathons, or small-town events such as a simple bake sale or car wash. Listed below are five tips to help organizers and charitable groups host a successful fundraising event: Share your cause and goals.

Benefits of Strategic Corporate Giving

If your company had never considered strategic corporate giving, why not? More than being just a marketing tool, ‘giving back’ is one of the best ways to thank your customers, prospects, and peers for helping you get where you are today.

Bootstrapping Raising (Money) Capital Techniques

Bootstrapping is important for new and small businesses. Among other things, on average, many companies develop and flourished through the use of bootstrapping without access to long-term external financing.

5 Ways to Increase Attendance at Your Charity Events

Hosting a charity event can be very tiring; you may be competing with hundreds of other charity events being hosted around the same day or time in your locality. You need to promote your event well to get maximum attendance. In addition to formulating strong offline campaign including the distributing of leaflets at busy streets, hoardings at strategic locations around the city, you still need to do something more to attract the attention of your target audiences.

Top 5 Email Marketing Tips For Non-Profit Fundraising

Funds are the lifeblood of any non-profit organization. Without funds, no non-profit can achieve its goal however noble its objective may be. So, it’s crucial to have a solid non-profit fundraising plan in place, especially in this time of economic turmoil. Organizing a charity event is one of the most popular ways to raise funds. But, arranging events alone would not give the expected results, unless you spend some dedicated time in promoting the event. Non-profits around the world are looking for cheaper, faster, and easier ways to create buzz around their events, and email marketing or direct mail marketing tops the event marketing technique list.

A Few Things to Consider When Starting a Crowdfunding Campaign

Launching a Crowdfunding Campaign is not as Simple as throwing out some information about what you want and then watching the masses flood your PayPal account. In this article we will consider a few key elements to launching a successful Crowdfunding Campaign.

Answering 3 Main Questions About Crowdfunding

This article answers 3 main questions about an exciting way to raise funds for just about anything. You’ll find out what Crowdfunding is, who it can work for and what makes it so special in an emerging new economy.