Kids Fundraising Tips

Kids Fundraising Tips

Smencils: How Good Are They As Fundraising Products?

Are you having a hard time looking for a great fundraising product for your fundraising project? Smencils or scented pencils might be a good fundraising product for you to start with. Choosing your product is one of the most important aspects that you need to consider in every fundraising event that you want to organize since this will help you in determining what kind of approach you need to do in your events.

Securing Entrepreneur Funding With Poor Credit

In today’s economic climate it can be very difficult to secure proper funding for your startup business. Here are some simple tips to get the necessary money to launch your venture.

School Fundraiser: How To Properly Talk To Customers

As a fundraising organizer, it is your job to properly handle and manage your volunteers in order for them to properly execute their own tasks and responsibilities. One of the most important skills that they need to learn is how to properly talk to your potential customers since this will make your school fundraiser events more productive. There are different types of customers that they need to properly communicate with that’s why having a good communication skills is a must for every sales fundraiser volunteer.

School Fundraising Tips – 5 Ways to Earn More

When fundraising, profitability should be a primary concern. The more money that you earn, the more money that your school will have available to purchase necessary supplies and equipment. Here are five great tips for increasing your profits and earning more money for your school with your next fundraiser.

School Fundraising Tips – Earning More Money

As you plan your next school fundraiser you might be wondering how to earn more money for your school. Earning as much money as possible is important because every dollar you earn can be used to create a better educational experience for the students at your school. Here are five helpful tips that will help you to maximize your fundraising earnings.

School Fundraisers – Getting the Word Out

When you plan a school fundraiser it is important to let everyone know. The more people that know about your fundraiser, the more money you can earn for your school. Publicity is important and is a great way to increase profits. Let’s look at five ideas for letting people know about your upcoming fundraiser.

Candy Bar School Fundraising – Choosing Your Candy

Candy is an essential part of any candy bar school fundraiser. The candy that you choose will determine how easy it is to sell your product and will determine how much money your school is able to earn. Choosing the right candy doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind as you make your selection.

School Fundraising – Finding the Time

Life is busy. It can be hard to find the time to plan, schedule and execute a school fundraiser, but it is always worth the effort. With the money that your school earns through fundraising you can purchase books and playground equipment or fund after activities and programs. Often school fundraising is the best way to ensure that schools have enough money to provide a top quality education to their students. If you want to earn extra money for your school, but finding time seems impossible, use these tips and discover just how easy fundraising can be.

School Fundraising – Saving Art, Music and Sports Programs

Educational budgets are one of the first things to be cut in difficult economic times. Many schools are facing budget deficits and shortfalls. Schools are finding that they must cut art, music and sports programs in order to save money. School fundraisers can help schools to have the money that they need.

School Fundraising – 10 Ways to Build Student Enthusiasm

Excited students sell more and work harder to make your school fundraiser a success. Students are a key to fundraising and by building their excitement you can have a better fundraising experience. Keep reading to discover 10 ideas for building student excitement and enthusiasm before your next school fundraiser.