How to Get Parents Involved in Fundraising

How to Get Parents Involved in Fundraising

Top 4 Fundraising Ideas for Your Next Event

In the post-recession era, accumulating funds from events has become the major challenge for the non-profits. Since the threats of financial crunch have always been there, potential donors and sponsors cease to make generous donations, unlike earlier. Here, we have listed four exciting ideas to make your non-profit fundraiser a grand success, even during the phase of economic recession.

Fundraising Ideas: Why Written Documentation Is Important In Your Events

Having your own written documentation of everything that is happening in your fundraising event is very important no matter what kind of fundraising ideas you wish to use for your campaign. This will help you navigate your way on how to improve your project for the best since you have a basis on where to start and how to end it. Without a written document for all that is happening in your events, you would lose your way and end up in a big failure in the end.

7 Reasons for Going Online to Raise Funds

With an aim to raise maximum funds in minimum time, the non-profit fundraisers take their events online. Moreover, with the growing popularity of social media and other modes of promotion, taking the events online helps organizers reach out to innumerable people in no time. Going online can help non-profit fundraising organizers to spread their message in a short span of time, and that too, in the most cost-effective way. Here we are sharing the top reasons for which you should take your non-profit fundraisers online.

Is Your Nonprofit Ready to Hold a House Raffle?

In this article are twenty questions to assess whether your nonprofit is ready to hold a house raffle. Are you ready for an extremely profitable fundraiser?

Fundraising Idea: Networking People To Your Fundraising Events

It is already a known fact that fundraising events are very important in making sure that organizations such as school clubs, sports team and charitable groups can still continue their pending projects. These groups all rely on fundraising campaign since they are a non-profit organization and it is the only way to gain funds for their future activities. When trying to organize a fundraiser using your very own fundraising idea, you prioritize your sales team first since they are the ones who will be doing all the manual labor in making sure your fundraising project will become successful.

Utilizing Sales Incentives For Your Fundraiser Idea

There are many ways in improving the effectiveness of your fundraiser idea in generating funds. Since your sales volunteers are very important in any fundraising organization, you can make use of sales incentives in your events to boost their performance. This strategy is very effective in making sure that your volunteers are giving their best performance for your fundraiser since they have something to look forward to.

Top 9 Online Fundraising Auction Tips For 2012

At present, the concept of organizing online auction as a fundraising event is gaining momentum. Hence, a lot of non-profit organizations are taking it up to collect funds for streamlining the activities. If you are running a non-profit, you can also explore the idea of including an online auction in your next fundraising repertoire. This article discusses the top 9 tips that will help to make your online auction successful.

How Online Event Registration System Helps to Make Your Non-Profit Fundraising Successful

Festivals and special occasions are often the best times to raise funds. As a result, non-profits and other organizations arrange their fundraisers during such time to explore a number of opportunities of collecting money for a particular cause. With the Valentine’s Day approaching fast, non-profit organizations are gearing up to arrange fundraisers. However, to attract interested sponsors and donors, it is necessary to take care of the marketing strategies of the event. Hence, a lot of event organizers are turning toward online solutions to streamline the process of organizing an event. Here is a brief overview of all those benefits offered by an online event registration system to carry out a successful fundraising venture.

Top 5 Questions Organizers Must Ask Before Holding a Fundraising Event

Fundraising events are organized with an aim of raising funds for supporting a noble cause. However, organizing a successful fundraiser involves a lot of responsibilities. Here, in this article, we have come up with five important aspects, which an organizer needs to address before holding any fundraiser.

Fundraising Ideas: Selling Chocolates And Other Sweets For Your Events

There are many fundraising ideas in the industry today that you can use for your fundraising campaign. You just need to pick one that you think is the most effective based on your target market. If you wish to sell products to children and students, one of the most ideal fundraiser ideas would be selling chocolates, candies and other sweet treats.