Healthy School Fundraiser Ideas

Healthy School Fundraiser Ideas

7 Ways To Improve Your Chances Of Getting A Small Business Loan

Every business needs a helping hand eventually. Whether it be to expand the business or finance new equipment a small business loan could be essential. Often seems difficult for a business to get a loan but there are certain things you can do to make your chances much better. Here are seven things that you can do to make your chances much better.

The Real Key To How To Use Facebook To Explode Your Fundraising Ideas

Just imagine what it would be like to triple your fundraising profits from last year’s fundraiser. Thanks to the Internet, fundraisers for churches, schools and other organizations stand to collect a great deal more money than ever before. In the past, the best way to collect donations was to go door to door and have every person involved in the event asking for help. However, now you can reach a larger base of potential donators through the power of Facebook. Now, not only can you get money from family and friends, but their family and friends as well. Let’s go over how easy it is to take advantage of social networks that will increase your profits for any fundraising idea.

Fundraising Tips to Get More Out Of Your Donors and Supporters

As I said in previous articles, nothing gets people to increase their gift amount like LISTENING to your donors. Do you remember if I ever asked you if you have you ever listened around and noticed that 80% of conversations between us whether its our spouse, son, boss, or clients are about the person talking rather than the other in the conversation.

Top 3 Ways to Fundraise: How to Increase Average Donation

Learning to downsell on donation calls is an art. Downselling is a down hill battle, so start with the highest and most realistic point you feel about 50% of your contributors will say yes to. If you´re asking for $25 initially, you´re cheating yourself on $75 of potential donation margin.

How the Internet and Social Media Can Simplify Fund Raising for Schools and Nonprofit Organizations

Schools and nonprofit organizations rely on fund raising to operate or pursue their missions. Different platforms present different issues, but using the Internet and Social Media can present new fund raising opportunities that combine the best aspects of the fundraisers of the past with the advantages that today’s technology can provide.

Finding Funding for Your Small Business Idea

One of the main challenges facing aspiring business owners is financing. In most cases, small businesses simply do not have the funds to operate and grow the way the owner envisions or wants. In this article, we’ll take a look at the options that are open to you when you have a business idea.

Please Wipe My Eyes (or Things That Get Lost in Translation)

Do you ever feel like other people just don’t get it? That they just don’t understand about the issues your organization addresses? It’s easy for things to get lost in translation. Continue reading to hear more.

Fundraising: Creativity Factor Of Your Events

One of the main reasons why most fundraising events suffer a failure is that it is not creatively done to attract customers. There are many fundraising campaign going on everyday; it is your job as a fundraising organizer to make sure that your fundraiser would attract potential customers. That’s why the need to become creative in your events is crucial if you want your fundraiser to stand out from the rest.

Christian Fundraising Companies Help Organizations Raise Thousands For A Great Cause

Christian fundraising companies are responsible for raising millions of dollars for organizations every year! There are many reasons why you might want to work with a Christian company for your fundraising needs. When it comes to fundraising, most people think of school fundraising, but there are many other types of organizations that need fundraising programs too.

Best Ways to Fundraise

Raising money for any type of organization can always be a challenge, especially during a flailing economy. The following are a handful of ideas that might be of help next time you are in charge of planning a fundraising event…