Good fundraising ideas for schools in Australia – free and easy to do

Good fundraising ideas for schools in Australia - free and easy to do

3 School Fundraising Mistakes That Might Cost You

If you have a school fundraiser you obviously want to earn money for your school, but are you earning as much with each fundraiser as possible? By identifying problems with your fundraising strategy you can increase your earnings and have more profits available to pay for new text books, playground equipment and school field trips. There are many ways that your school may be able to earn more, but let’s look at three common school fundraising problems.

School Fundraising Ideas – 9 Fundraisers for High School Students

School fundraising helps schools to have the money that they need. Fundraising earnings can be used to cover the expenses of music programs, art classes, field trips or any other expense that your school might have. Keep reading for nine school fundraising ideas that are ideal for high school aged students.

9 School Fundraising Ideas for High School Age Students

School fundraising is an effective way to earn more money for your school. High schools often use school fundraisers to pay for music and art programs, text books, field trips and technology equipment. Here are nine great fundraising ideas that will work well with high school aged students.

5 Unique Fundraising Ideas for Charities

Charity fundraisers have a traditional reputation for being boring and stuffy. These 5 top ideas for fundraising for charities guarantee an exciting fundraising experience for everyone who participates.

What Organisers Need To Consider When Fundraising

For most people, fundraising is simply boring events that individuals and companies hold in order to raise money for one reason or the other. Although this may have been the case in days gone by there are various ways that these events can be spiced up. For starters it would be important for the organisers of the fundraising to get the message across accurately.

School Fundraising – 3 Reasons You May Be Able to Earn More

Earning money for your school is a primary concern for almost every school fundraiser, but odds are that your school isn’t earning as much with each fundraiser as they could be earning. By increasing your school fundraising earnings you will have more money available to pay for art programs, after school sports, computer equipment and other essential items that your school needs. Let’s look at three reasons why your school may be able to earn more money on their next fundraiser.

Cookie Dough Fundraisers – Answers to Common Questions

Cookie dough fundraisers can be a little confusing and it is common to have a few questions. Your cookie dough provider will have the best answers to specific fundraising questions, but here are answers to three common questions. Keep reading to learn more about selling cookie dough so that you can decide if this is the right fundraiser for you.

3 Ways To Raise Startup Capital

One of the biggest problems when starting your own business is where you are going to get your startup capital. There are many different ways in which you can raise capital. First of all, you need to find out what assets and startup costs you are going to incur when setting up your business. This should all be in a business plan as many lenders will ask for your business plan to see whether investing into your business would be a good risk. It is also important to ensure that you know what liabilities you are risking.

5 Fund Raising Ideas for Schools

These 5 fund raising ideas for schools take several months to complete, involve lots of planning and organizing but the financial, promotional and educational rewards are more than worth the effort. Do not forget that while you are planning these huge events you should still be encouraging the students to continue with their own fund raising efforts. Fund raising – the funnest way to learn!

Is Your Nonprofit Fundraising on Purpose?

Are you fundraising on purpose? That may seem like a silly question. But it’s one that needs to be answered. So I’ll ask it again. Are you fundraising on purpose? Or are you just taking whatever comes along? There’s a big difference. Read on to learn how to shift to raising money on purpose.