Get Creative with Your Fundraising Ideas

Get Creative with Your Fundraising Ideas

How To Plan An Auction

It’s so easy to start your auction and try to be everything to everyone but, for longer-term success, think about what makes you different and focus on that. This is one of the best ways to maximize your auction potential and earnings.

10 Things a Business Owner Should Know About Mezzanine Debt

In a world of easy money availability with brokers pitching surefire financing approaches, mezzanine debt gets lost in the shuffle at times. Most brokers and investment bankers do not really understand mezzanine debt, fewer still have ever been in the mezzanine finance industry. Most business owners have heard of it, through an advisor or through their banker, but they still need more information to understand how it can work for them.

Top Three Indicators to Consider When Sourcing and Writing Grants

The top three areas of need that are common on many grant applications are explored and discussed. These areas of need can lead to researching other areas of need.

Raising Funds Made Easier Than Before

The most common and frequent area of concern for the small business owners is to find fund raising techniques. They need funds regularly because they have to make their businesses grow. Moreover, during the initial stage, the turnaround is generally very less.

Helping Children in Impoverished or War-Torn Countries Through Charities

It has been said that children are a third of our current population, and all of our future. It is therefore important for us to take care of our children and to make them strong right now, so that in the future, we are not faced with the difficult problem of repairing our broken men. Unfortunately, the children in poor or war-torn nations do not have the very basic needs of food, shelter or healthcare. Providing these children with a little help will go a long way in ensuring that they are ready to lead our future into prosperity.

Why Should You Donate Your Boat or Yacht?

There are many ways for you to be able to give to charity. Doing so not only benefits those who are in need, it may also have benefits for the individual who is giving as well. Although it certainly is possible for you to donate financially or to give of your time, there may also be other options which would allow you to give to charity. Among those considerations is donating a vehicle, including a boat or yacht. Is this something that you should consider?

Expert Grant Writing Tips to Ensure Successful Application

This article carries tips on some important Grant writing suggestions. The suggestions if followed can give a better chance of success for Grant Writers.

How to Use Crowd Funding Sites in an Effective Way to Raise Capital

This subject is very close to my heart since many non-profit organizations are using this platform in order to raise capital-Unfortunately most of them fail to raise money because lack of knowledge about the tough world of crowd funding. This is a guideline of helpful tips you should always use when raising capital on one of the many crowd funding sites out there: Be clear and simple- always expose your agenda and be very clear about it, people do not like to give away their money to unknown…

Music Crowdfunding – The Next Level of Fan/Band Interaction

Crowdfunding is becoming an emerging way to raise funds for everything imaginable. Bands and music artists are financing albums, tours, and even vans directly from their fans. Fans can get exclusive rewards such as CDs, backstage passes, concert tickets, or lunches with the artists. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were able to say that you helped get your favorite band off of the ground and on their way to stardom? Well now you can!

Different Ways To Give To Charity

Most of us like to get involved in a charity, especially when it gets closer to the end of the year. The benefits are not only available for those who are receiving the contribution; it is also available for those of us who give it. We benefit because we have the personal satisfaction of sharing with those in need. We also benefit because we are able to claim the contribution on our taxes. Here are some of the different ways that we can give to charity. You might be surprised with the options that are open to you.