Fundraising Prizes and Incentives that are Working in 2018 for PTO/PTA groups

Fundraising Prizes and Incentives that are Working in 2018 for PTO/PTA groups

Key Things to Learn About Crowdfunding

Charities use it, kick-starters use it, for profit/not for profit enterprises use it and almost everyone who is looking at a trusted source for timely as well as increased funding uses it. But, what’s so awesome about crowdfunding? Here we break the ice:

Get the Best Sporting Event to Raise Money for Charity

Sporting events can be a really good way to make money and can be a great way to get people involved in charities. To raise money you can host events for people to watch or you could even provide something they can take part in. Organising a football tournament can be great fun. Here are a few ways you can make money from this…

How to Fundraise for Libraries

How do you start to raise money for the library? Two main things need to happen. Marketing and Asking.

Crowd-Funding May Not Be the Best Way to Finance Your Business

It began with the passage on April 5, 2012, of the JOBS Act, officially known as the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act. No, not the concept of crowd-funding. That’s been around for several years, thanks largely to Kickstarter. I’m talking about the federal government’s involvement in crowdfunding. Without the hyphen, incidentally, is the other popular way to spell the process whereby people with ideas – or causes – attempt to convince people with money-to-spare to contribute to their particular idea or cause.

Small Business Fundraising Assistance – Helping The Community

The other day I was talking to a small time entrepreneur, he is a painting contractor, and he has been moderately successful, at least he stays busy all year round. That’s pretty good considering the state of the economy, and most of the reason he’s busy is because he does great work and gets lots of referrals. His wife owns a small boutique in town, which is on a busy corner in a high-end shopping district. She has done very well helping the community, and he wants to do more.

5 Steps to Plan for a Successful Fundraising Event

Fundraising events are conducted with the sole aim to support a noble cause. For a novice it might appear to be a daunting task but with judicious solicitation of sponsors and enthusiastic planning all challenges can be effortlessly overcome. As fundraising events are mostly directed towards raising money, the most exigent task however remains is to convince donors and contributors, earning their trust to support for your cause. Logical thinking and proper planning will surely spell success for such events.

PTO Bylaws: Some Valuation Suggestions

These guidelines are about how the PTOs should be structured and operated. If you are one of those parents who want to start a PTO for the development of the children and the school, here are few things that you must know about drafting the bylaws. Always have an electronic copy of the bylaws: It is very important that your bylaws are written in editable electronic format.

Can You Write a Winning Proposal?

I need a grant writer! Can you write a winning proposal for our organization? How much have you won in funding? We really can’t afford to pay much, how about you volunteer your services for us? It’s just a writing gig… right?

Donor Thank You Calls: Everything You Need To Know

Have you thanked your donors lately? We’re all going to be in fall fundraising mode before we know it. So take the time now to call your donors and thank them for their past support — before you start asking for those year-end gifts. Everything you need to know about exactly how to make these calls is explained below.

How Fundraising Instills Values in Children

Fundraising of any type helps instill life skills and values in children because they come together to help contribute to a common cause. Children are taught to learn responsibility, set goals and better their communication and team working skills. These are valuable skills that the children will be able to use throughout the rest of their lives.