Fundraiser Follow Up Campaign | 3 Tips from Funds2Orgs

Fundraiser Follow Up Campaign | 3 Tips from Funds2Orgs

3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Fall Direct Mail Fundraising Appeal

It’s Fall! That means lots of nonprofits are ramping up their fundraising efforts and asking for donations.

Fundraising Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

You’ve probably heard it before… life is a marathon, not a sprint. Well the same holds true in the fundraising world.

Are You a Champion of the Small Investor

So where do we find these champions? From my vantage point these brave souls reside within the exempt market. This is the arena of the grass-roots investor, the gladiators of the entrepreneur. They thrive here, ready and eager to thoroughly engage the fledgling entrepreneur in all her glory. What they require in return, as a minimum, is your story, your passion and your commitment.

5 Tips to Get Your Board to Help With Fundraising

One of the biggest complaints I hear from Executive Directors and Development folks is that they wish their Board would help with fundraising. It’s their job, right?

My Three Wishes for You for Successful Fundraising

I love the beach. I could sit for hours and just watch the waves.

Why Business Plans Don’t Get Funded

Learn the top reasons why a business plan will be rejected for funding: 1. The marketing strategy shows the business lacks competitive edge in its industry or the business lacks a robust marketing strategy and is likely to fail. 2. The management team is inadequate and in some cases lack the competencies required for business success. 3.The business strategy is unclear and/or unfocussed with the risk of exposing the funder’s capital to losses. 4. Financial projections are based on a rather optimistic assumptions, which when stress-tested show that the business will fail if the most likely outcomes in the marketplace materialised.

Dear New Board Member (A Seussical Welcome Message to Get You Started on the Right Foot!)

Dear new Board member, Thank you for saying “yes” to serving on this Board! Not everyone has the heart for Board work, and I applaud your willingness to give your time, your talents, and yourself to this very worthy cause as a nonprofit Board member.

What Makes A Fundraising Event Successful

Fundraising allows organizations to improve their finances. These finances are used to help individuals attain their dreams.

What Private Companies Engage in Public Listing

The term “public listing” is synonymous with “Initial Public Offering” or IPO. A private company aiming for growth and expansion can engage in public listing to raise capital. By the time the company CEO has formally signed in the stock exchange on the day of the IPO, the company is then considered a public entity and therefore a “publicly listed” company in the stock market.

How Venture Capital Works for Start-Ups and Small Businesses

With almost unlimited opportunities the advancement in technology is creating over the past two decades, many startups and small businesses today tend to seek for capital that could bring their dream business to success. While there is a wide range of financial sources that they can tap on, most of these entrepreneurs are hesitant in borrowing money from banks and financial lenders because of the risks involve. But good thing is that they’ve found a good alternative and that is by raising venture capital from the venture capitalists or VCs.