Easy Fundraising Ideas for your Nonprofit

Easy Fundraising Ideas for your Nonprofit

Ideas For Charity Auction Items: Where to Get Great Packages

Are you exhausted after a lackluster charity auction procurement drive? If donations aren’t forthcoming, here are some ideas on where your acquisitions team can turn to get great packages.

Why Your Elementary School Should Consider Teddy Bears for Its New Fundraiser

Fundraising is simple when you know who your supporters really are. Research shows time and time again that Women make the majority of the buying decisions when it comes to school fundraisers. This is why products like frozen foods, wrapping paper and cookie dough have always led the pack. There is a new leader emerging in today’s market and he is low calorie and high on the snuggle scale…teddy bears, so read on.

Fundraising Fun With Social Networking

Social Media has really changed fundraising. While walkathons and bake sales are still popular, there are very few people who do not reckon with the power of social media networking sites and their ability to spread the word for free.

Creative Ideas for Middle School Fundraisers

In order to run a successful educational fundraiser, it is important to offer eye-catching products and prizes to those participating. There are plenty of fun and inventive options and ideas for these programs to help you reach your campaign’s goals.

7 Must-Ask Questions Before You Write Your Grant

Sure, you want the grant money. You may need the grant money. But have you truly spent enough time determining why you want or need the grant money? Read more to find out the 7 questions you should ask before you ever ask for grant funding.

Raise Money for Your New Nonprofit Through Grants

Newly incorporated nonprofit? Learn if getting those first gifts via grants is for you. If you find it is, read further to find out how to do it successfully.

How To Use Kickstarter To Fund Your Creativity

Kickstarter has been a great platform for creative entrepreneurs to gain some serious attention – in the form of cash. If you have a business idea, it’s easy to get started. There’s already been over $100 million in funds pledged for thousands of start-ups.

Ideas For Charity Auction Items

What sells well at charity auctions? Each of these 25 items outperformed their estimated value when sold at their respective auctions.

Spread the Work Around

If you work on raising the money of your dreams, you should always be on the lookout for people who can help advance your cause. After all, you can’t do it yourself and many hands make light work.

Acquire Event Sponsorships in 4 Easy Steps

Many a times, event organizers depend on sponsors in order to organize events, but acquiring event sponsorships is not always easy. It is true that potential sponsors are always inundated with sponsorship requests and attracting them to support you becomes difficult if you do not present them with a well-designed proposal.