Creative Fundraiser Idea

Creative Fundraiser Idea

How Does a Lender Look at Your Business Forecasts?

Lenders know well that numbers on their own mean nothing. For this reason the conversation with a lender is about the assumptions you make in arriving at the numbers in your business forecasts.

Jack Out Of The Box

Many business owners wonder how they can best bring investors into their companies. It is important to understand the importance of following the securities registration exemption guidelines set forth by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) for approaching investors and offering those investors stocks, membership interests, or other securities in a business. The SEC’s regulations do allow for a very small amount of carefully considered creative financing in the public offering space. A creative financing opportunity recently presented itself that worked wonders for Jack, the owner of a small, privately held information technology firm.

Two Grannies, Shark Tank and the Inside Scoop

Bright lights, ferocious Sharks and millions of television viewers couldn’t shake the grannies (Beverly Vines-Haines and Charlotte Clary) from being their authentic selves. And being themselves worked. The two grannies, who built a successful health and beauty aid (HABA) and ice chips candy business that saved a home from foreclosure, appeared on Shark Tank..

Revenue Generating Ideas for You Membership Association

As the leader of your association, you may have wonderful ideas about valuable events and training to provide for your members – great! But no matter how exciting your plans are, you won’t be able to implement them without money.

Anatomy of a Startup: Raising Money

Running a startup is like conducting an orchestra-simultaneously listening and leading in order to maximize performance. Mike Shapiro, Founder and CEO of The Alternative Press, is operating a company with high growth potential, falling somewhere in between a typical main street business and a Google or AOL. Where they land on the continuum of opportunity remains to be seen, and will likely depend on their ability to raise capital now and again in the future.

Roll With It: Funding a Startup From Your Retirement Accounts

2012 came and went and the JOBS Act regulations are yet to be seen from the SEC. Last week, Mary Jo White was nominated by President Obama to replace the former chairman who departed the SEC in December. Assuming her confirmation, it is anyone’s guess as to what her legislative priorities will be (e.g., Dodd-Frank, JOBS Act, Ponzi schemes) and what that means for executing these JOBS Act regulations. For any entrepreneur who was hoping to use their social network to offer equity in their company in exchange for small investments, the wait could be significant-up to another year. Rollover for Business Funding is another option.

The Inside Scoop on Launching Your Startup on Kickstarter

Eric and Sylvia, who successfully completed a crowdfunding campaign, recently shared their experiences and suggestions in regard to crowdfunding. Tiltpod-Founder Eric Strasser characterizes this fundraising stage of development as “validation”.

Study Shows Crowdfunding $$ Can Grow on Trees, a crowdfunding platform that enables entrepreneurs to raise money from accredited investors, just released findings from a six-year study of their transactions (1,000 completed deals) and the findings are very interesting. If you have considered raising money and wonder if your company is fundable and under what terms, read on.

10 Tips for Having a Killer Yard Sale

Yard sale, Junk sale or garage sale is part and parcel of  the American way of living. A yard sale is held to de-clutter your home and also to make few pennies.

What’s Holding You Back?

If you’ve been raising money for any length of time, you know that it’s not always the easiest job. In fact, sometimes, it can be downright hard. Let me tell you about a conversation I had recently with a client.