Church Fundraising Ideas | Barefoot Sunday

Church Fundraising Ideas | Barefoot Sunday

Managing Real Estate With Crowdfunding

These days, the business sector is being plagued with all the talks about the term crowd funding. It relates to the collective efforts of various individuals to fund a venture carried out by another entity, either an individual or an organization.

Fundraising Safety Tips

Fundraising at the office is a great way to get employees to come together for a great cause. When asking employees to participate in any company sponsored activity, whether it is a luncheon, family picnic, or fundraising event, there are certain aspects that need to be taken into consideration when planning an event. Safety concerns for employees during fundraising events encompass a variety of issues.

Spirit Cards – The Ideal Choice for Sports Teams and Other Organizations With ‘Spirit’

It seems like since time began, there have been occasions on which sports teams, the school band, cheerleaders and others who are involved in raising others’ “spirits” have a need for money. Perhaps for a class trip, new uniforms or for countless other reasons, you must rely on fundraising for the money you need. If you haven’t yet tried spirit cards, you will find that this is the ideal choice when you want to raise substantial funds in a way that’s easy, quick and requires very little work.

Having Fun With Fundraisers for Non Profit Organizations

Raising funds for a non profit organization can be a great challenge. There is a lot of competition for the dollars people are willing to donate. Holding a fundraiser that is unusual and fun may be the key to attracting more supporters. Having more supporters at your fundraiser will bring in more funds for your non profit organization.

Relevancy of Church Software Training

A church may not be a business entity but as with any organization, there is structure involved. There are operations which must be handled wisely and efficiently to build up the community that forms the entity.

Why Business Loans Might Be Bad For Your Business

Whether you are just starting out as a new business or have several years of experience in the business, accepting a business loan might not be the right avenue for you. There are several loans that will benefit a business as long as key terms are met and the business is not struggling. A struggling business can potentially hurt their reputation and cause bankruptcy by accepting business loans.

Does Your Organization Really Need a Grant or Would Fundraising Work As Effectively?

Sometimes fund raising is easier and a better way to find funding for your project than grant writing. Roll up your sleeves, find some faithful volunteers and dig in! The bigger and bolder the fundraising event the better!!

Mailing Software for Your Business

Purchasing online mailing software is a simple process. Anyone who has an internet connection can purchase and download this electronic package. Customers can give their vendor their bank account or credit card information and choose the amount of postage which they will download.

5 Ways To Fund Your App Project

Good ideas are a dime-a-dozen and come in all shapes and sizes. But people who have the money to fund projects are a slightly rarer creature. As an ‘ideas’ person you may need to go looking for funding, and with that in mind, here are some good options…

What Startup Founders Seeking Equity Investment Need To Know: 5 Deal Killers

Almost every startup founder looks forward to the day they will be able to find investors to help fund the explosive growth of their enterprise. Sadly, some of the mistakes entrepreneurs make in the earliest days of their business all but ensure they will never see significant financial support materialize.