Adventures in Grant Writing!

Fortunately, what happened in Vegas didn’t just stay there. Read all about what I learned at the 13th Annual GPA/Charity Channel Summit conference here.

Printed Polo Shirts for Corporate Fundraisers

One of the most ingenious ways that businesses can create publicity for themselves is by offering corporate sponsorships through fundraisers to charitable institutions. This kind of sponsorship works in two ways. The charitable organization will find assistance in the funding of their event and the company will get low-cost publicity through the sponsorship of the event.

Preschool Fundraising: Building Your Volunteer Team

Organizing a preschool fundraising for your financially drained school is a good way to help your school continue their pending activities. In order to become successful in doing a fundraiser, setting up your events properly is a key factor. This will make your programs easy and meaningful.

How to Make Your Fundraiser Ideas Easier and More Profitable

Get the maximum fundraising profits when you know how to maximize your fundraising efforts. And it all starts with you. Unity of mind and sharing the same vision will go a long way to make your fundraising ideas easier and more profitable. You, as the leader, and your team need to understand and share the vision for the fundraiser. Don’t forget these simple tips to make your fundraiser ideas more profitable and easier to coordinate.

Healthy Alternatives For Your Fundraising Project

Nowadays, fundraising is considered one of the most popular social events in the community. Many non-profit organizations make use of fundraisers in order to obtain funds for their pending projects and activities. As a fundraising organizer, it is your job to look for the best fundraising ideas present in the industry today.

Elementary School Fundraising Ideas: Raising Environmental Awareness Through Fundraising

When organizing your elementary school fundraising ideas, it is important to not only focus on the financial aspect of your events. You also need to teach the kids important lessons in life such as raising environmental awareness. We all know that children are our future; we need to properly teach them about the importance of our environment and at the same time teaching them how properly organize a worthwhile fundraising project.

School Fundraiser: Obtaining Free Advertising For Your Events

When organizing a school fundraiser, there will be times when your efforts will become unsuccessful. There are many factors involved that made your fundraiser a failure and you need to identify this in order for your awful experience to become advantageous on your part. Always remember that learning how to do a fundraiser is a never-ending process.

Advertising Your Fundraising Events Properly

One of the main reasons why most fundraising events fail is due to lack of publicity or ineffective advertising strategies. Fundraising is more like running a business; if people are not aware of your events, they will not participate in it. That’s why you need an effective strategy that would easily entice the curiosity and interest of your customers to participate in your events.

Cookie Dough Fundraisers: Recruiting Your Team

In organizing cookie dough fundraisers, you need to make sure that you a constant supply of customers to keep your events going. Aside from customers, you also need to have sponsors and donors to back-up your events financially. Without these people working hand-in-hand for the fulfillment of your goals, your fundraising events would fail miserably.

The Benefits of Online Fundraising Explained

The problem with community level fundraising has always been the volume of support available. You will always be limited to the individuals that you can reach with your fundraising events in the local area. Now with the internet, your area of influence and potential participants has increased from hundreds, to millions.