ABC Fundraising® – Fundraising Ideas – Up To 97% Profit!

ABC Fundraising® - Fundraising Ideas - Up To 97% Profit!

8 Simple Children’s Fundraising Ideas

With the recent economic hardships, the need for charitable donations is immense. While many children would like to lend a helping hand to those in need, few school-age students have a job or an income that will allow them to do much.

How to Put the “Fun” in Fundraising at the Office

Are you or is your company doing some fundraising this year? There are various ways to go about it, but first and foremost is to form a fundraising committee. From there, let the brainstorming begin. Keep reading to discover some free or inexpensive and fun fundraising ideas.

How to Get People to Volunteer in Your Fundraising Event?

Fundraising events are entirely dependent on dedicated volunteers. Dedicated volunteers who take the initiative of doing what is best for the fundraisers and fundraising event.

Finding the Fun in Fundraising!

Looking to fundraise for your school? Whether you’re looking to make money for a field trip or the yearbook, fundraising is the perfect way to get money.

Making the Case for Weekday Fundraising Auctions

There seems to be a common misconception that Friday or Saturday evenings are the best time to hold a Fundraising Auction. For some groups perhaps this may be true. But this rule of thumb is not necessarily set in stone and does not apply to all non-profit groups or causes. When planning your next Fundraising Auction perhaps a weekday event may be to your financial advantage. This article offers 10 strong reasons why non-profit groups should at least consider the advantages of a lower-cost weekday event.

The Procedure For Holding a Charity Event

Events are fun. Events are hard work. They can be great, they can be disasters. By following some simple (but precise) procedures you can learn to hold a great event and maximize the fundraising potential.

Raise More Money With Gift Envelopes

Learn two simple direct mail tactics using gift envelopes. These specific tactics are easy to implement now. If done correctly you will be able to watch your fundraising revenue increase significantly within just one year.

A Leader’s Dedication For Successful Fundraiser Ideas

Putting together fundraiser ideas may be a tough work but when everybody works, it becomes easier. What becomes the challenge for everyone is their dedication to work. Some are only good in the beginning, but in the middle of the work process, they start to lose interest.

How to Execute Successful Fundraising Ideas

Kind hearted individuals, usually in their respective organizations, come together to brainstorm in order to think of effective fundraising ideas. This may be done within the community, which may involve the participation of its different sectors such as the church, the government, non-government organizations and the schools among others.

Fundraiser Idea: The Perfect Fundraising Leader

Is there even a perfect leader in the first place? Well, it depends. But there is a perfect leader for a certain fundraiser idea.