A-Z of fundraising ideas

A-Z of fundraising ideas

Recession Impacts Church Donations: Are There Ways to Raise More Funds?

Although charitable donations have increased in the whole of U.S, money flowing to the religious sector has dropped steeply. Atlas of Giving, a US research and analyst firm, have found that in spite of a sharp rise in charitable giving to $346.17 billion in 2011, registering a 7.5% rise over the previous year, the amount of religious giving has not increased to that proportion (rose only by $8 billion in 2011 over 2010). Hence, the churches and synagogues are finding it extremely difficult to raise more funds for their philanthropic jobs.

How eLearning Facilitates Product Knowledge Training

Marketing products and services to a large-scale audience is extremely important for companies as it contributes to their revenue. As a result, these companies organize product training sessions to train their employees, especially those who are engaged with sales and marketing. It is true that everyone need not to have the same level of understanding about the products. While a simple introduction about the products would be adequate for some people, others may require intensive and specialized product training sessions in order to deliver their best.

Are Attendees Redefining Virtual Events As We Know It?

These days, one hears a lot of talk about virtual events. Organizations are hosting virtual meetings and conferences with attendees participating online. Growing importance of virtual events brings to mind a very basic question – What is after all a virtual event?

How to Use Facebook For Your Fundraiser

The volunteer managing your auction fundraiser’s marketing will love this list. It’s ready-to-use auction-related snippets made to be written on Facebook.

Ideas for a Silent Auction: Go Green With Electronic or Mobile Bidding / Handheld Bidding

Heard about e-bidding in silent auctions but not sure what it’s about? This article outlines the options with electronic bidding and mobile bidding (also called handheld bidding).

Does a Donor-Friendly Message Affect Fundraising Goals?

Ever wonder why your fundraising turnout never reaches your expectation? Actually, this is a problem with non-profits worldwide. But the fact is that not many have been able to figure out the actual reason behind it. If you are facing the same problem with your fundraising strategy, it’s time to rethink your options before you plan to organize your next event.

Great Gimmicks to Raise Permanent School Fund

Schools provide top quality education through various extra-curricular activities. These may hone the talents and skills of pupils and improve their well-being. These activities, however, need to have funds to keep operating. With the present state of the economic system, a lot of educational institutions have school funding issues. Below are valuable hints on increasing school funds.

Crowdsource Funding

Until the 21th Century, there was very little overlap between donations and investments as sources of funding. “Pure” donations traditionally go toward charitable causes or non-profit organizations. The incentive is largely altruistic, although donors can certainly realize tangible value via tax deductions, and there is potential for a number of intangible benefits (networking and brand goals, for example). A shade less “pure” are non-profit donations such as the iconic PBS pledge drive; donors realize something of minor tangible value, in addition to the benefits already mentioned.

How to Get Funding for a New Web Business

Finding funding for a new web business is not always easy. This article will give you a number of hints and tips for giving you the best chance possible.

How To Fundraise Using The Power Of The Internet – Free Fundraiser Ideas For Clubs and Non-Profits

If you are like most clubs, associations and non-profit organizations, you are constantly on the lookout for new ideas on how to fundraise using the power of the Internet. Like many others, you have probably already tried a fundraising program or two, maybe successfully or maybe not. Having said that, if you’re not familiar with free fundraising web-stores you will find this a compelling read….