4 Cute And Creative Care Packages

4 Cute And Creative Care Packages

How Is Online Fundraising Beneficial?

Until recently, conducting fundraisers were not so easy. Organizers had to go through a lot of hassles in terms of paper work and manual data entries for hosting such events. This resulted in a lot of scope for human errors and significant data loss. However, things have changed for the better. The introduction of the Web 2.0, there has been a total transformation in the ways fundraiser events used to be conducted. An increasing number of NPOs are nowadays resorting to online fundraising to streamline their activity in a systematic manner. At the same time, such web based means are cost effective and reduce the manual workload to a large extent. Let me now discuss some of the benefits of online fundraising activity.

The 3 Legs of a Business Plan to Get Financing

Any quick online search on Google or Twitter will reveal a million pages with the rights and wrongs about writing business plans. However whether you are writing your own plan or getting some help from a professional business advisor or company you will need to convince on three main areas, or legs to stand on as we call them, if you want to secureĀ financingĀ to take your business idea forward – the market opportunity, the product or service and the management team.

5 Reasons Your Board of Directors Won’t Fundraise

For many non-profit leaders and staff, we wish our Board was more engaged and doing more fundraising. But we aren’t sure how to fix the problem. This article offers some thoughts on why your board might not be where you want it to be, and what you can do to make a difference.

What Are The Vital Steps For Organizing A Charity Golf Outing?

A first time organizer of a charity golf tournament must put in some extra time towards careful planning. Since a charity golf tournament is solely about raising funds, you must opt for ways that increases the visibility of your tournament. This is because, more the attendee participation, larger is the amount of funds that you will be able to generate for your cause. In this age, everything is technology driven so to popularize the event you cannot select means that forces people to lose interest. You need to come up unique and out-of-box strategies to engage your audience. Let me now give you an overview of some of your first vital steps that which will help you to successfully organize a charity golf outing.

If You Donate to Charity by Telephone They’re Calling You a Sucker

While your intentions may have been good, you were probably scammed into thinking that more of the money you donated went to help the cause than what actually does. Do a little research and you will quickly learn that there are telemarketing companies all over the United States that are making their CEO’s very rich by telemarketing campaigns that seek out what they consider to be “suckers” for people need. There seems to be a false assumption that when people call to ask for donations by telephone that they must be volunteering their time to the charity.

How to Use Your Volunteers in Fundraising

There’s a debate about whether volunteers can fundraise for your organization. Do they know enough about the work, or about fundraising itself, to be effective? This article provides ways that volunteers can make effective fundraisers, with the right support and encouragement.

Non-Profit Finance For Non-Finance People

Many fundraising staff, board members, and program staff are intimidated by finances, viewing it as something an expert deals with that they don’t understand. You understand more than you think! And it’s important for people to have a grasp on the finances of their organization, regardless of their role or position.

Ten Tips for Getting Your Message Across to Donors

Information overload. That’s the world you’re living in. It’s also the world your donors are living in. In order to get the attention of your donors, you need to make it about them, tell compelling stories that reach them at their heart, and give them something actionable to do. These are just some of the important tips for getting your message across to donors.

How Business Owners Avoid Cashflow Problems

Did you know that cash flow problems are to blame for causing over 70% of businesses to fail within their first year? Well, studies have it that, people who have no idea on how to avoid such problems in their businesses will fail in a relatively short period. Cashflow is primarily defined as the movement of money within a given business in terms of both income and expenditure.

The Benefits Of Fundraising Online For A Cause You Care About

Today with the advent of online fundraising platforms, you can give your desired donation to the intended cause online sitting right at home or right by your mobile phone. When you are raising funds for a cause you have the option of promoting your cause online through social media networks.