12 Easy Ways to Make Money for Teens

12 Easy Ways to Make Money for Teens

Using a Silent Auction to Fundraise

One of the most effective and fun ways to raise money for a non profit organisation is a silent auction. The fundraising that comes from a silent auction is significant compared to the work that goes into it, making it a great option for non-profits.

Fundraising Ideas: Make It a Night to Remember

Raising funds for a non profit organisation can be especially tough in this economic turmoil. This makes it even more important for non profit organisations to think of ideas to raise funds.

5 Must-Dos for Writing Grant Apps That Win

Nonprofits, do not overlook grants as a fundraising option because you think it’s too hard. Here are five steps to help you write a winning grant.

Let Facebook Help You Raise Funds More Efficiently

At present, social media has become an exciting and prospective platform for a number of industrial sectors, including the non-profit, to attract abundant fundraising resources. At present, social networks can bring the entire world at your fingertips. Hence, non-profits can explore opportunities galore to solicit more volunteers and donations through the social media platforms, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and so on. Of late, Facebook has attracted enough attention for being a reliable and profitable platform to get connected with new resources of raising funds.

Your 3-Step Plan to Approach Grant Funders That Only Give to Preselected Organizations

Don’t be discouraged when you see that your future potential grant funder only gives to preselected organizations. Here’s a 3-step plan to overcome that hurdle.

8 Best Ways to Arrange K12 Fundraising Events

While running a K12 organization, it becomes extremely important to collect money through fundraising events to sponsor the events of the particular institute round the year. Hence, almost all K12 schools arrange fundraisers at regular intervals. Money collected through donations is used to buy text books for students, sponsor their educational trips, or fund similar other activities.

Elementary School Fundraiser: To Plan On Developing People

An elementary school fundraiser should not only be task-oriented but should also be people-oriented. Yes tasks should be carried out carefully and should be very well executed but with this preoccupation, we sometimes already have neglected the people behind these tasks. An elementary school fundraiser is also a person, so before anyone else, as the leader, he should first be the one to know what his people needs.

Elementary School Fundraiser Ideas: The Best Idea With The Best Leader

Leaders have been called leaders because they have done something good and many trust they have the ability to be one. They have been voted as leaders because many believe they can make elementary school fundraiser ideas possible. Let us all admit it; our organization will greatly depend on how capable they are as leaders.

Ways To Raise Money

With the global recession not showing any signs of abating soon, times are tough for fundraisers. However, all is not lost thanks to innovative fundraising companies.

Kids Fundraising Ideas – 8 Simple Winners

Nowadays parents seem to be spending more and more money on their children as they fund their active young lifestyles. Even so the schools, clubs and events they go to are in need of more and more money as well to keep the ventures viable. It can seem like a never-ending spiral for all involved. The question is how to raise money for these organisations so that children can enjoy themselves as much as possible.