Support Group Fundraising Using The Powers Of Persuasion

Support groups play an important role in any community but fundraising remains as difficult as that of any of the other types of community organizations. The problem is that many people in the community just aren't aware of how much help your support group offers to the people that attend. In other words they don't get your benefits. The only person that can change this state of affairs is you.

Before we continue why don't you take a moment to register your support group in our Support Group Directory.

It doesn't matter whether your group deals with divorce, cancer, women or any other type of support group; your success is dependant on taking a people-focused approach to your fundraising. The fundraising strategies page will help you get on the right road to fundraising success.

Take a look at the fundraising strategies page and you'll get an idea of why your fundraising success is as good as guaranteed when you use using the powers of persuasion to build your community relationships. So just what are the benefits of your group? How clear you are on your answer to that question and your subsequent ability to sell those benefits to your community, will dictate your level of fundraising success.

Make sure you can rhyme off your organization's benefits without having to think about it. Meet with the other members of your organization to brainstorm your benefits. I can't stress enough the importance of these benefits as a tool for keeping your group at the forefront of people's minds.

As you build stronger relationships with your community, they will begin to become more familiar with your benefits. Your fundraising will become much easier as a result and you'll be better able to recruit more volunteers.

When you're happy with the strength of the relationships you have with the community, then have a look at the fundraising ideas page. You'll get many ideas that are suitable for your fundraising activities.

I would recommend the following ideas as a good starting point:

Regular Income

Corporate Sponsorship
Interest Paying Accounts
Gift Aid & Donations
Volunteering Services


Social Events
Draws & Raffles
Small Grants

Capital Campaigns

Grand Draw

Go ahead and register your support group in our Support Group Directory. Look at the other groups in the directory and consider contacting some to exchange fundraising ideas.

You can share your ideas with others by sending them to us via the Contact Us page.

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