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My community organization is a sports club so sports fundraising is particularly close to my heart! Like all local community organizations , fundraising is very different than for charities and other larger non profits.

You need to take a people-focused approach to your sports fundraising. The fundraising strategies page will help you get on the right road to fundraising success. If you haven't already done so, jump over there now. You'll get a flavor of how your fundraising success is practically guaranteed using the powers of persuasion to build your community relationships.

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Now let's take a look at some of the most common benefits sports clubs offer the local community. As you've seen, selling your benefits message is at the heart of successful sports fundraising.

The benefits of your sports club may be obvious to you and I, but that's almost always not the case with the people of your local community. Even those people who have briefly considered the value of your community organization sports club or association, they often tend to vastly under-rate those benefits. It's our job to set the record straight.

If you're one of the many sports fundraisers that can't rhyme off your organization's benefits without having to think about them, then it's time to sit down and figure out exactly what they are! Meet up with other members of your community organization sports club to brainstorm your benefits. I can't stress enough the importance of these benefits as a tool for keeping your club at the forefront of people's minds.

Every sports club I've come across plays a very important part in the development of the youth of their local community. They learn skills such as, self-confidence, teamwork, coordination; as well as dealing with success and failure. Even the fact that you give kids an opportunity to stay off the streets is a benefit in its own right.

As your members progress through the ranks and start to help out in activities such as sports fundraising, they learn lots of other life skills. That's skills such as marketing themselves and your club, selling, planning, measuring against their targets, working with others and dealing with money.

These are all benefits that my community organization sells regularly. It's relatively easy to get people to the stage where they can visualize these benefits quite clearly. The relationship building activities that form part of your fundraising strategies play an important role in this progression. When you reach that stage with people then your sports fundraising activities are guaranteed to be successful.

I'm sure when you think about it you'll come up with a whole host of other benefits that your sports club offers to the local community. When your relationship building is well under way it's time to have a look at the fundraising ideas page, where youll get many suitable sports fundraising ideas.

Discover how to sell your benefits more effectively using persuasive fundraising.

Occasionally you may need to do some fast fundraising for sports. I would suggest the following sports fundraisers to enable you to pick up funds in a hurry:


Social Events
Draws & Raffles
Casino Night
Night At The Races

Capital Campaigns

Grand Draw

Also check out the recommended sports fundraising activities for these sporting sub groups:

Team Sports
Booster Clubs
Sports Associations

Finally you may want to consider registering your sports club in our Sports Directory As the number of sports clubs registering increases then so to does the potential for the sharing of great new sports fundraising ideas. You can share your ideas via the Contact Us page.

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