Transform Your Fundraising Strategies With The Powers Of Persuasion

Does your community organization struggle to attract enough motivated volunteers? Have you noticed increasing levels of apathy from the people of your local community, in relation to your fundraising activities?

These are the most common challenges facing today's community organization fundraisers. The good news is that they can be easily overcome. Enabling you to overcome them is the sole purpose of this site.

Sports and Church

Over the first few years of my 10+ years of community fundraising, I experienced these frustrations time and time again. It was exhausting! That all changed about 5 years ago when, I was fortunate enough to discover the secret of successful community fundraising.

The main reason I was struggling was that my whole approach to fundraising was event-focused. When I changed my fundraising strategies to be predominately people-focused, I was able to transform the fundraising fortunes of my community organization beyond all recognition. We haven't looked back since and I can tell you that's a great feeling!

You too can get that feeling by using the powers of persuasion to build a strong affinity with the local community. When you do that you'll command their unwavering support and be able to attract all the motivated volunteers you need.

School and Kids

When you've developed a strong relationship with the community you'll be ready for some fundraising ideas. We have plenty of those to help you on your way. Internet fundraising has become increasingly important over this past few years so make sure you take a look at that page to be sure you don't miss out.

Fundraising Letters are more often associated with charities and other larger non profits, but they are also important for community organizations when building relationships with local businesses. You'll also find the Resources page helpful when planning your fundraising events.

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