Your Aladdin's Cave Of Ideas For Fundraising Activities

Aladdin was awestruck when he first saw the cave! Our Aladdin's Cave is packed full of ideas for fundraising activities, which are pure gold in terms of successful community fundraising ventures.

Before you jump headlong into using these ideas, please remember the importance of building the relationships between your organization and the local community, as part of your fundraising strategies. Using the powers of persuasion as part of your people-focused approach to your community organization fundraising enables you to command the unwavering support of your local community. That practically guarantees that these ideas for fundraising activities will get the funds rolling in!

Aladdin I like to break these free fundraising ideas down into three specific categories just for convenience: regular income activities, booster events and captial campaigns.

The regular income activities provide a steady flow of income that goes towards meeting your fixed costs. These activities tend to be the most consistently time intensive.

Browse through this list of ideas for fundraising activities to see if anything is suitable for your organization: Members Draw, Lottery, Bingo, Corporate Sponsorship, Membership, Social Club, Gift Aid, Savings Scheme, Joint Marketing, Rentals, Interest Paying Accounts, and Volunteering Services.

In my experience you need to involve at least 75% of your volunteers in this type of activity. In my community organization we typically organize these volunteers into groups. The groups are then placed on a rota so that each of them is on duty at most one week in the month. It is very important to give volunteers a decent break between the more time intensive fundraising activities, to prevent burn out. After all they are volunteers giving up part of their free time for the benefit of your community organization.

The next type of non profit fundraising idea is what I call the booster activities. These are typically one-off events or campaigns, which may be carried out at regular intervals. They all vary with respect to the dollar figure they are capable of realizing. It is normally somewhere between $1000 and $10,000. My community organization would on average run one of these, every two months. Many others would run them more often than that. Usually it takes at least a couple of week's preparation prior to such events or campaigns. Have a look through the following list to see which are suitable for your community organization: Recycling, Social Events, Draws & Raffles, Small Grants, Sports Tournaments, BBQ, Buy A Brick, Barn Dance, Bumper, Foundations, Teen Disco, Casino Night, Night At The Races, Snail Racing, Vintage Rally and Odds & Ends.

The Persuasive Way

As a community organization you will inevitably reach the stage where you want to do some serious development. That in turn requires some serious cash! These are often referred to as capital campaigns. Before you embark on this type of event you really need a great relationship with your community. My book, Community Organization Fundraising The Persuasive Way goes into more detail on how to build profitable relationships with your local community.

When it comes to high captital events I like to keep it simple and for that reason I rarely look further than the Grand Draw and Corporate / Gala Dinner.

The ideas for fundraising activities that realize larger sums are also pretty time intensive. Assign your most outgoing volunteers to such tasks to achieve maximum benefit. It's vital that you've laid the proper foundations through relationship building, before attempting these events. By that I mean you've used the powers of persuasion as part of your fundraising strategies.

Learn more about how you can use persuasive fundraising to practically guarantee the success of your fundraising ideas.

All Fundraising Companies Directory The All Fundraising Companies Directory is also a great source for fundraising ideas and resources.

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