High School Fundraising Idea

This page lists the events and campaigns that are especially suited as a high school fundraising idea.

There are three types of fundraising ideas listed here. The regular income ideas are designed to take in a steady income stream throughout the year. The booster ideas are there to raise a little extra income when it is required. Finally the capital campaign is designed to raise a large sum for major development.

Remember, that before you try these events you should be building relationships with your local community as part of your fundraising strategies.

Regular Income

Member's Draw
Corporate Sponsorship
Gift Aid & Donations
Savings Scheme
Interest Paying Accounts


Social Events
Draws & Raffles Small Grants
Buy A Brick
Teen Disco

Capital Campaigns

Grand Draw

If you've got other fundraising ideas that you'd be willing to share with other schools please let us know using the Contact Us page.

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