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Build The Relationship First!

High school graduation Looking for a fundraising idea for schools should be done only after you've build the appropriate community relationships as part of your fundraising strategies. Only then can you guarantee the success of any fundraising idea for schools. School groups are one of the most prevalent types of community organization next to sports clubs. All community organizations, share the same issues in relation to fundraising, in that the landscape is very different from that of charities and other larger non profits.

You need to take a people-focused approach to your fundraising for schools. The fundraising strategies page will help you get on the right road to successful fundraising for schools. If you haven't been there before, have a look now before you continue with this page.

Did you get a flavor of how successful fundraising for school is practically guaranteed using the powers of persuasion to build your community relationships?

Before we take a look at some of the most common benefits school groups offer the local community, why don't you take a moment to register your community schools group in our Schools Directory.

As you've seen, selling your benefits message is at the heart of successful fundraising for schools.

School groups are amongst the most fortunate of community organizations since the benefits are usually fairly obvious. Could you tell me what they are right now? If you're like many community fundraisers then the chances are that you got a few after thinking about it for a while. Do you think that is good enough? Sorry, I'm starting to sound like a teacher I used to have who was the master of rhetorical questions!

I want to stress that the level of your success is very much dependant on your knowledge of your benefits, and your ability to communicate those to the local community. Sit down with other members of your school group to brainstorm your benefits. I can't stress enough the importance of these benefits as a tool for keeping your school group at the forefront of people's minds.

Everyone knows education plays a very important role in the development of our kids. However most people think the benefits are purely academic. I would argue that the major benefits are really around the area of communication and selling yourself. It's not just the kids that receive benefits. Members of your fundraising for school group also benefit by learning life skills such as, marketing, selling, planning, measuring against their targets, working with others and dealing with money. Selling those benefits is important to your ability to recruit volunteers.

One problem that's particularly prevalent in relation to fundraising for schools is that people often think that school fees and government grants cover all the expenses. The truth is that these funding sources typically only cover the basic needs and anything outside of that is down to school fundraisers such as you. This is something you need to highlight in conjunction with selling your benefits.

Nail down the benefits that your school group brings to the children of the local area and sell them hard. When your relationship building has created the appropriate community ties only then do you need a fundraising idea for schools. Have a look at the fundraising ideas page, where youll get a range of suitable fundraising ideas for schools. I would particularly recommend the following school fundraiser ideas as suitable for pta fundraising ideas:

Regular Income

Member's Draw
Corporate Sponsorship
Gift Aid & Donations
Savings Scheme
Interest Paying Accounts


Social Events
Draws & Raffles
Small Grants
Buy A Brick
Teen Disco
Vintage Rally

Capital Campaigns

Grand Draw

Discover how to use persuasive fundraising to transform your schools fundraising.

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You should also consider registering your school fundraising group in our Schools Directory. As the number of school groups registering increases then so to do the potential for the sharing of each new fundraising idea for schools that people come up with.

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