Fund raising products and resources
to compliment your main strategies

Fund raising products and resources can sometimes be a good compliment to your fundraising strategies. I do highly recommend that you get your relationship building underway before worrying too much about products and resources.

Have a look at persuasive fundraising to learn more about building relationships that endure. I've also released a new book, which expands upon the concepts introduced in this site. You may want to take a look at that.

The Persuasive Way

Community Organization Fundraising : The Persuasive Way

When you've built up your relationships using the powers of persuasion then have a look at the fundraising ideas page to help you plan your fundraising activities.

When you're ready come back here and browse to see if there is anything of interest that could compliment your plans. You may well find that as you carry out your activities there are occasions when a few well chosen fund raising products or resources would compliment those activities perfectly. This page hooks you up with a few of those.

Marketing Resources. Perhaps a dirty word to some but its very important with respect to community fundraising. Marketing is all about raising awareness of your community organization within your local community. Without it your job will be much harder.

Merchandising Resources. Whether you are looking for merchandise to brand as your own or just to sell on for a profit, this page will point you to some good sources.

Event Resources. Whether you're running a night at the races, bingo or a casino night you'll find all the contacts you need right here.

Fundraising Services. This page covers a range of services from legal to fundraising companies.

Auction Software. Running online auctions can be a great revenue source for your community organization. Get started here.

Membership Software. Bigger community organizations sometimes have a job on their hands keeping track of their members. This page will put you in touch with the software that can help.

Donor Software. Whilst many community organizations don't have donors in the true sense of the word you can still use a helping hand keeping track of your sponsors. It's a good idea to keep your sponsors up-to-date with what is going on with your community organization.

You can help others! If you discover any good fund raising products or resources that you feel would help other community organizations then please let us know via the Contact Us page.

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