Powerful Examples Of Fundraising Letters For Your Community Organization

Letter writing Examples of fundraising letters are all over the web and whilst most teach you the basic format, none of them teach you the secrets of persuasive writing. After all what is the primary purpose of fundraising letters? They are designed to persuade people to support your community organization's fundraising. On this site you'll learn how to truly persuade people.

Whilst community organizations don't rely as heavily on fundraising letters as their charity counterparts, letter writing is nonetheless an important skill; especially when you are trying to attract corporate sponsorship. Corporate sponsorship from local businesses is an important source of funding for community organizations.

The purpose of this section is to teach you to persuasive letter writing for fundraising letters. Whilst I still strongly advocate the face-to-face approach, fundraising letters can be a good way to introduce yourself and your organization. The letter should always end with a call to action and in most cases with respect to a community organization; this would be a request for a meeting.

The Persuasive Way You can get more detailed information on the secrets of the written word, in my new book (click on the image on the left for more details). The book explains how persuasive writing can be a powerful tool within the relationship building framework.

Fundraising letters are still advisable even when you know the person well. This is often the case with community fundraisers and local business people. People still love getting mail as long as its not junk mail. If you have built a relationship with the local community as part of your fundraising strategies then your fundraising letters will most definitely not fall into the junk mail category. Don't forget to send a thank you letter regardless of whether or not you eventually secure some sponsorship.

Many examples of fundraising letters on the web are too formal for the purposes of community organizations. The letter writing page will not only show you the main components of a fundraising letter, it will discuss writing style with respect to the requirements of community organizations. An example of fundraising letters produced by community organizations should read as if you were actually having a conversation with the person you are writing to; especially if you know them well.

There are some free examples of fundraising letters on the sample fundraising letters page. Bear in mind that these use my writing style, which may not be appropriate for you, so just use them to get some ideas for your own fundraising letters.

Feel free to share you best fundraising letters with the other community organizations who visit this site. You can send them via the Contact Us page.

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