Youth Club And Youth Fundraising Techniques

Youth club and youth fundraising is all part of the community organization fundraising family. The techniques you must use to be successful at youth club and youth fundraising are much different than those used by charities and the larger non profits. A people-focused approach is essential to your success.

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Youth clubs are expensive to run in terms of financial and time commitments. By the time you've supervised youth club sessions in any given week, there isn't a whole lot of time available for fundraising. That's why its vital to make maximum use of the time you have.

In order to ensure your fundraising success you must make community relationship building a key component of your fundraising strategies. This site will teach you how to effectively build your relationships using the powers of persuasion If you haven't already done so check out the fundraising strategies page.

Let's continue by taking a look at some of the most common benefits youth groups offer the local community. As you've seen, selling your benefits message is at the heart of successful youth club and youth fundraising. The same principles apply to Boy Scout fundraising because scouts are just another type of youth group. Your job as a youth fundraiser is to sell your benefits before going out to execute on your fundraising ideas.

The main benefit of youth groups is that they give young people a safe place to meet and develop socially. Your youth will learn skills such as, self-confidence, teamwork, coordination, social skills and some will be able develop their leadership skills. In addition to that those young people that become involved in your fundraising activities will also learn skills such as marketing, sales, planning, goal setting and dealing with money.

These are all very significant benefits. As will most community organizations, these benefits are not that obvious to the people of your community. It's not even that the benefits are not obvious; its more that they are not at the forefront of peoples minds. That's means that your fundraising will be much more difficult than it should be. The good news is that its relatively easy to get people to the stage where they can visualize these benefits quite clearly.

The relationship building activities that form part of your fundraising strategies play an important role in this progression. When you reach that stage with people then the success of your youth club and youth fundraising activities is practically guaranteed.

It is important that you sit down with your other youth leaders to compile a list of your benefits. When your relationship building is gathering pace then it's time to have a look at the fundraising ideas page, where you'll get many suitable youth group fundraising ideas. Many of the ideas in the merchandising section of the fundraising ideas page are ideal for your youth fundraisers.

The bulk of fundraising within youth groups is generally carried out by the adults in your youth group. I would suggest the following youth group and youth fundraising ideas, as being particularly suited to your needs:

Regular Income

Corporate Sponsorship
Interest Paying Accounts
Volunteering Services


Draws & Raffles
Small Grants
Barn Dance
Teen Disco
Vintage Rally

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