Churches Fundraising Using A People-Focused Approach

Churches fundraising shares many issues common to all community organizations. Churches fundraising is indeed very different than that of charities and large non profits. You're dealing with the local community and they tend to take the church for granted, at least in terms of funding.

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Religion is something that is very personal to everyone and you may find many different churches in any one single community. Don't let that stop you spreading your benefits within your local community. If anyone has an issue with your denomination then that is a matter for them, not you.

People tend not to think too much about where the money comes from to cover the costs. Things like building development, maintenance and running costs just don't register with them. Maybe they think God takes care of it! Like all other types of community organization things are often taken for granted so it's up to you to set people straight.

Churches by their very nature are generally people-focused. However quite often church fundraisers are not good at selling the benefits and in some cases they don't do a good job of identifying what those benefits are. Selling your benefits is an important step to overcoming the problem of being taken for granted.

The fundraising strategies page will help you to get on the right road to churches fundraising success. If you haven't already done so, visit that page now before you continue.

Welcome back. You should now have an idea of how churches fundraising success is practically guaranteed using the powers of persuasion to build your community relationships. Ok, so just what are the benefits that church fundraisers can sell to the community? Obviously everyone has a spiritual side and its human nature to what to express that in the company of others (not always, but sometimes). Church offers people the chance to do that.

Belonging to a church often promotes a great feeling of self worth. Many people who attract problems into their lives don't have a faith to speak off so that is a great benefit right there. Religion is something you're brought up with and many people don't pause long enough to consider the benefits. Unfortunately many churches and particularly church fundraisers don't highlight the benefits often enough and sometimes not at all.

People need to be reminded of the benefits of belonging to a church. I'll bet if I asked most church goers to tell me the benefits of their church they would struggle to name them straight off. It's your job as a part of your churches fundraising strategies to sell those benefits. This will form the basis of your relationship building. Use the powers of persuasion to get your message through.

People have asked me is it unethical to use the powers of persuasion in relation to churches fundraising. I answer with an empathic no. All the powers of persuasion help you to do, is cut through the noise and haste of today's world in order to make sure people get your message loud and clear. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that provided you believe that your values will truly benefit the people in question.

Again your benefits message is an important tool for keeping your church at the forefront of people's minds.

The members of your churches fundraising group will gain additional benefits such as, marketing, selling, planning, measuring against their targets, working with others and dealing with money. These are great benefits and you should sell them as part of your strategy to attract volunteers.

It's relatively easy to get people to the stage where they can visualize these benefits quite clearly. The relationship building activities that form part of your fundraising strategies play an important role in this progression. When you reach that stage with people then your churches fundraising activities are guaranteed to be successful.

You'll come up with lots of benefits that your church offers the people of the local community. When your relationship building is well under way it's time to have a look at the fundraising ideas page, where youll get many suitable church fundraising ideas.

The following church fundraising ideas are ones I would suggest are particularly suited to churches fundraising.

Regular Income

Corporate Sponsorship
Gift Aid & Donations
Savings Scheme
Interest Paying Accounts


Social Events
Draws & Raffles
Barn Dance
Vintage Rally

Capital Campaigns

Grand Draw
Corporate / Gala Dinner

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